Kodansha editor arrested for alleged murder of his wife

Tokyo police have arrested Pak Jong-hyon (41), editor of Kodansha Ltd. this Tuesday for allegedly killing his 38-year-old wife back in August.

According to the sources, the murder happened in their house on the morning of August 9th. At 2:35 AM, Pak called medical services claiming he had found his wife unconscious on the floor near the stairs. Originally, Pak told the police his wife had an accident falling down the stairs, though he later changed his version saying she had hanged herself, declaring they had had a dispute regarding child rearing. Nevertheless, no motive to kill herself was found by the police. Additionaly, surveillance video didn’t show any person breaking into the house. The only wound found in the corspe were abrassions on her head. Autopsy reports indicated strangulation as the cause of her death.

Given the suspect’s various versions, the situation of the scene and the contradictions between the statements given by the couple’s children, present in the house when their mother died, police decided to arrest Pak on suspicion of murder. However, the suspect denies the charge.

Pak Jong-hyon is a deputy editor of Kodansha Ltd., responsible of launching “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”, spin-off of Kodansha’s main magazine “Weekly Shonen Magazine”, in which famous Shingeki no Kyojin series started to be published.

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    • hasawa

      Bless Arama for giving an accurate title to this affair
      Many times i’ve seen headlines like “Shingeki no Kyojin editor arrested for murder” and i’ve been mildly annoyed by seeing a manga’s name and thus its (innocent) author being dragged into some awful murdering case. That was really uncalled for.

      • yamakita


    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      He has a Korean name..? It’s interesting that a high-up editor in Kodansha is Korean…

      • hhhh

        His family have lived in Japan for three generations – they’re Zainichi Koreans, but he is a Japanese national with a Korean name. Around 12-13% percent of ethnic Koreans use a Korean name, but the majority assume Japanese ones.

    • whatif

      and the
      contradictions between the statements given by the couple’s children,
      present in the house when their mother died

      What if the kid/s did it? :o

    • yamakita

      Wow, I wonder if he’s read too many manga.

    • Steven Grant Rogers

      Why is his name in korean? or… is that his other name?

    • Anon

      Pretty disgusting how someone was murdered and y’all worried about possible manga plot

    • Shinra-Electric

      Bad Korear move!

    • JangJangJang

      I wonder what is the child’s statement