“Kensatsugawa no Zainin” causing rivalry between fans of Takuya Kimura & Kazunari Ninomiya

When it was announced that Takuya Kimura and Kazunari Ninomiya would be starring in a film together, both Johnny’s fans and the general public were reveling in the news. While waiting for the film to be released, it seems that fans of the two main stars have started to clash. The argument seems to center around which actor truly is the “main star” of the film.

An entertainment official revealed that Kimura and Nino have been getting along very well on the set, but while this is going on it seems that the “battle” between their two groups of fans are only getting more intense. Since the 90s and early 00s Kimura has established himself not only as one of the top actors in Johnny’s, but one of the top actors in the entertainment industry as a whole. Some of Kimura’s fans argue that why should the movie have two main stars when Kimura has a much more impressive acting resume.

Meanwhile, Nino fans countered back saying that early in his acting acting career Nino established himself as a Hollywood actor with the successful film “Letters from Iwo Jima” taking him to the next level, and has had continued success both critically and commercially. They argue it’s painfully obvious who should be the “leader” in this film. 

A TV reporter stated that a project like this happening a few years ago would have most likely been impossible. This is largely in part due to rumors surrounding Mary Kitagawa, the vice president of Johnny’s and the older sister of Johnny Kitagawa. For years tabloids have reported that Mary absolutely does not like SMAP, this leads back to 1996 when member Katsuyuki Mori decided to withdraw from the group. It’s been said she put pressure on media outlets to only use pictures of them as 5 members to create the impression that he never existed. When Kimura announced his pregnancy with Kudo Shizuka it’s alleged that Mary wanted him to give up the child.

In more recent years tabloids have reported on the feud between Mary and SMAP’s former manager Michi Iijima.  The two groups rarely interacted, and there’s no way that Mary would have allowed a SMAP and Arashi member to appear in a film or drama series together as full-time cast members. Now that SMAP disbanded however, that obviously isn’t an issue anymore.

Nevertheless, the TV reporter feels that once we actually get closer to the movie premier the fans will put their differences aside and begin to share excitement for this “historic” moment.  “Kensatsugawa no Zainin” is scheduled to complete filming in September, it will be released to theaters in 2018.

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    • Taima-kun

      i don’t care who’s the lead, i’m just delighted to finally see a collaboration between Kimutaku and Nino

      • Senna

        Noticing you’re getting bumped down. Who downvoted this multiple times and why???

        • I want to be relevant :(

          Salty haters :p

    • AoZora

      I have been reading these articles since the day they announced the movie.. I am delighted to see both kimutaku and Nino in the same movie.. I think the constant assertion by Johnny’s that there can be no other lead other than Kimura has hurt some of the Nino’s fans…..
      I can’t wait for an acting show down between two of the well known actors among Johnny’s…

      If I had my way, I would want both of them to be declared as joint leads.. But, that would fuel another kind of war I think…

    • lol such a non-issue.

      Nino is a better actor but Kimutaku is the more popular one among the general public. I guess for this, obviously it will based on seniority so Kimura will be consider more as a lead. Or they could do like what Kame & YamaP did for Nobuta — they both consider as joint leads.¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Senna

        Ia. I think they have already announced Kimura as the lead but I do remember Nino humbly acknowledged he’ll follow the lead of his senpai & the director.

    • Curel

      I’ve only seen Kimura Takuya in an episode of Hero S2 that was streaming on Crunchyroll and thought he was alright, and I’ve seen Ninomiya Kazunari in Letters from Iwo-Jima and that Nagasaki bomb movie and thought his performances in both were good. Not sure if I’ll watch this movie, but the plot (from what I’ve seen and remember) seems interesting enough to warrant a try if I get the opportunity. The only SMAP song that I know is that one they performed at the end of their variety show and I’ve never heard an Arashi song, so their idol popularity isn’t what sells me on either of them.

      • Senna

        Their idol popularity wasn’t the reason I’m their fan either. They are great actors who happen to be idols.

      • HyperMoot .

        with Nino there’s also a little flick by the name of The blue light which is worth a watch

    • Dalooshe

      I don’t know why I just found out that Mary is OLDER than the big J!!! That was more interesting to me than the whole conflict of interest fued .

      As for the two, Nino is an expert of making his Senpais know their esteemed seniority in a playful way and at the same time be comfortable to work with them. Obviously Kimutaku has his own big aura that no way Nino wont feel intimidated to be around since that’s the vibe I always got from Arashi towards Smap :p Otherwise I’m excited to see what the two will offer. (lowkey wishing Okada was in it too.)

      • eternal_sky


        I dont want to imply that I’m glad that SMAP disbanded because I’m not. But its nice to see both fraction able to interact freely with each other now. Before this, its kinda impossible. :( I think the last time I see Arashi interact with anyone from SMAP will be with Nakai in Utaban (now thats a great show).

        • Dalooshe

          Wait, I have a memory of Kusanagi appearing on VSA this year! But I know we’ll see a lot more crossovers now that the wall is torn down!

          • Senna

            Tsuyopon was only on a short vtr promoting his drama. That shouldn’t count. I remember some actual interaction happen at Music Station which was months after Utaban ended.

      • yamakita

        I know! This means she must be like 100 years old. I can’t wait for these old farts to die off.

        • ja-anon

          I wonder if they die, how the funeral will be…

    • Yum

      Are they that stupid? Why are they fighting when they should be delight to have Kimura being main after the disband and to see an exSMAP with an Arashi member which mean they can now interact freely in the agency ! Even if you don’t like the other group there is no way to fight like this ! I love Kimura’s acting so much so I’m excited !

      • Senna

        It’s gossip with very little truth in it. the so called “nino fans” shitting on Kimura Takuya came from anonymous sites like girlschannel and 2ch. Gchan in particular hates Kimutaku and would drag Nino into it by mock praising him over Kimura.

        • eternal_sky

          Why girlschannel hates Kimura? Any particular reason?

          • Senna

            They blame him for SMAP’s demise, he’s no longer handsome most influential star he used to be and he represented one of Johnny’s greatest success stories. Like some people here who love to make fun of deteriorating ultra popular stars (ie Ayumi, Koda Kumi etc) those anons are are taking the chance to roast him at any given chance. They also hate his wife Shizuka Kudo too.

            • eternal_sky

              But anyone who can read knows that Kimura is the member who is against the disbandment the most. I mean, just looked at his message, it obviously he is so disappointed and doesnt want SMAP to end.

              lol but he is still J&A greatest success stories. He is at the top in most of his career despite being married with 2 kids.

              • Senna

                Everyone who can read knows Kimura was the one initially adamant to stay in JnA while the others were loyal to their/Michi plan to get out of Johnny’s together. Nakai only stayed because it’s a lost cause when Kimura’s not one with the pack and he also has a lot of contractual obligations. Basically they see Kimura as a betrayer and a sell out.

                • machi

                  But aren’t the other 3 betrayers for leaving the agency that turned them into stars ? Even with Kimura with them, could they have continued as Smap in another agency ? Doesn’t the name and songs belong to J&A ? So Nakai didn’t betray Shingo, Goro & Tsuyoshi? Maybe Kimura also had contractual obligations. And why wait so many years until leaving the agency ? This entire story is a mess.

            • HyperMoot .
          • Guest

            Every Japanese person I know dislikes Kimura and most ppl on the Japanese internet hate him too but then his dramas always get high ratings so idk

    • Senna

      This is bullshit. I never seen the fandoms on both sides fighting over it and I’m a fan both actors and their respective groups. All I’ve seen are anonymous girlschannel users suddenly jumping on Nino bandwagon just to hate on Takuya Kimura. It sounded more like “even icky arashi member is better than kimutaku”.
      The general consensus of arashi fans is they are glad nino finally get to act alongside kimura. The only slight are some younger fans who are ignorant how important Kimura is/was.

      • yamakita

        Sounds like old Mary paid some minions to cause friction.

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    • REMISU

      Don’t understand why the fans have to fight about something like this. I haven’t liked any of kimutaku’s acting for the past few years so hopefully this one will be alright! Really excited for this!

    • Rika

      I love to see these two together, but as an Arashi fan myself I have to say: Some Arashi fangirls are sitting on such a high horse that they will say that everyone is worse than their favorite (this especially goes for Nino and Ohno. The other three get more sh*t)

      Though girlschannel and alike are the worst places ever. They would drag anyone and involve the other just fot the sake of dragging or hating. They also get butthurt over every tiny thing. I doubt it’s Nino fans speaking there, it’s rather JE-hater/SMAP-haters/KimuTaku-haters – Nino just happens to be in between.

      • Senna

        “they will say that everyone is worse than their favorite”
        I rarely see that tbh. Only trolls belittle others and often the fandom will quickly condemn them. The arashi fandom mantra has always been Arashi aren’t perfect. If people were simply answering to a comparison question, of course they will favor arashi over others.

        • Rika

          Happens all the time though. On FB, Twitter, Tumblr, here and on LJ.
          Arashi fandom is by far not the happy place people make it seem to look.

          • Senna

            Lol i know about the shipping wars, disagreements over brown faced Jun, and the recent digitickets meltdown. But if your source stems from arashiconfessions on tumblr…. That place is a troll fest.

            Honestly I can’t agree on the “my fave is better than yours” thing happening especially in recent years. That meme was so 2013.
            I must’ve have followed some good bunch on all these platforms then if it truly still exist, which I doubt. It’ll probably only perpetuated by trolls. What i’ve seen are Ohno and Nino fans openly criticizing them for their shoddy acting and what nots.

          • ja-anon

            Where in LJ do arashi/Johnny’s fans go to have open discussions on their faves? I’ve never seen people being messy on coms like ara-on. There’s the anon hate meme, but it’s an ANON hate meme.

    • rshina

      just want to know your opinion, setting aside their idol status, who is better in term of acting performance?

      • rs34

        obviously its nino. he can emote with his eyes and considered as one of the best actors from JE. kimura is good for certain type of roles but his acting is pretty limited.

      • goingtojpn

        No doubt Nino. Kimura is always Kimura no matter what roles he does.

      • ennie

        Nino. Out of curiosity I wonder who people think is the best actor in Johnny’s/why?

        • Senna

          Aside from Nino & Kimura, there are also others respected for their acting work like, Okada Junichi, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Dohmoto Tsuyoshi, Nagase Tomoya, Kazama Shunsuke, Ikuta Toma, Nishikido Ryo, Shingo, Morita Go, Ohno Satoshi etc. I consider this lot as the a-class actors in Johnny’s. Can’t say who’s the best…
          Kusanagi has the greatest range, Okada has won awards, Go was spine chilling in Himeneole, Kazama is a natural talent but mostly gotten supporting roles, I love Domoto Tsuyoshi acting style but he hasn’t taken up acting much in recent decade.
          So I guess it’s Nino because he has a little of everything

          • Ina

            Some of these guys are really good!

            Ohno however, I’m sorry… I kinda cringed reading his name in this list. He is okay, at best.

            • Senna

              I only have problems with his cringey ott performance in Sekamuzu.
              He’s a pretty good actor for the rest of his works, including Kaibutsukun. Ohno’s very good with emotional scenes (ie Maou, Kaibutsukun) and effective subtle emotiveness in rigid roles like Kagiheya.

              All of the actors listed have their slight weaknesses. Just one slight shouldn’t deter us from making a fair review of their apparent talent.

              • I’m Happy


            • I’m Happy

              The only questionable Ohno performance is in Sekai but even then most journalists and critics thought he is good and he got the best actor award and beat Jun’s 99% performance on that season.

              Its no doubt he is one of JE best actors.

              • Senna

                You got it wrong. Only journalists picked Ohno as their best actor. The critics loved Jun and the popular votes agreed.
                Personally, Jun was robbed. He was so much better than Ohno’s ott performance that season

                • I’m Happy

                  I so agree. I was really surprised that he beat Jun. But that award has more credibility than Nikkan which only caters for popular votes. And he won, so I thought despite I think the drama and meh as well as his acting, he won the best actor award lol

                  • Senna

                    They only awarded it to Ohno to quell his obachan stans i think. Have you seen the age divided votes for another drama award he won for Sekamuzu? That drama is for the oldies and explained a lot why they love Ohno’s old school slapstick in it.

                • Anon

                  Jun was so-so in 99.9%. What made it good was the overall casts and their individual characters. But yes for last year, Jun’s acting was better than Ohno’s.

                  • Senna

                    I disagree. Jun was not so so and it was not just because he had great actors around him. He’s not my favorite actor but damn he held his own in 99.9 and has improved in leaps and bounds.

          • I’m Happy

            I wouldn’t put Toma on the list of JE best actors since he tends to overact in some of his projects. If you want to put to Toma, then likes of Yamapi (Flowers for Algernon) or Kame should be on the list too (which they are not). I wouldn’t put Go as well as its only one work that he is outstanding.

            • Senna

              Kame and Yamapi??? No. Definitely No. They are ok but not at the others level.

              Yamapi only a-class level acting was in Algernon. The rest he’s wooden. I do like him and don’t deny his appeal but an a-class actor he is not. I’ve watched a lot of Kame’s works but am never convinced he is a natural talented actor. He is good but there’s a feel of obviousness of “I AM AN ACTOR ACTING”

              The only time I’ve remembered Toma overacting was in Maou and that was pretty much the beginning of his dramatic career. He’s amazing in Nao Otoko and lots of other dramas that showed his skills in subtlety.
              What other Morita Go works have you seen him in? He’s the kind of actor I can easily detect his talent just from just one view and I particularly highlighted he shines as a villain. His character in Himeneole is pretty complex.

              • I’m Happy

                About Kame & Yamapi, I actually agree with you that is why I put in the bracket (which they are not). IDK about Toma, he was pretty average in all the works I’ve seen him (esp his boring movies RIP) that is why I didnt put him for a-class actors from JE. And I wont call Yamapi wooden either when there are dramas like Nobuta Wo Produce or You’re My Destiny. He only kinda wooden in Code Blue or Kurosagi (at least for me) since the character required him to be stoic and emotionless.

                What Kusanagi drama would you recommend (other than the one he is playing autism character)? And why you put Shingo in your list too? He is average imo or keep playing the same character like Kimura.

                • Senna

                  But you did implied those two to be better than or the same as Toma were you not? They are not. Toma is a far more talented actor than those two.

                  I do love NwP and Akira was my favorite character but Yamapi practically recycled him in BokuUnmei (btw the drama was underwhelming). Pi only has two acting style, drunk/quirky (nwp/destiny/some parts in algernon) and fish-eyed straight talking Pi.

                  Kusanagi dramas? I can’t remember the titles but too lazy to google but the one with Meisa Kuroki and his latest with Kiko were good. Shingo for Bara no nai something, another one of his latest drama with ghosts and for Shingomama.

            • Karen Khoo

              Have you seen Ikuta Toma in Ouroboros? He’s amazing there! His character can be sweet but scary at times.

              • Senna

                I don’t know which “boring movies” that made the impression that Toma is an average actor for @imhappy, but I can say the difference that made Toma better than Kame or Pi is that he IS the character on screen whereas Pi & Kame were just Johnny’s acting out roles they were given.

          • Anon

            I’d replace Ohno with Sho to be honest.

            • Senna

              Sho was really good in Kazoku Game, Blackboard and 50% of Quiz Show 2. Kisarazu & Mystery after dinner was lovely dramas too but Sho was practically playing himself. His movies are good too except for the crap that was Yatterman.

              But I can’t say he has a natural knack, perfect timing and nuanced expressions that Ohno has displayed. Sho’s a good reliable actor but he’s skills is not solid

        • I’m Happy

          Should be Nino hands down. There are actually many good actors in JE but Nino amazing range are hard to beat.

          I would say Dohmoto Tsuyoshi as well. He used to act in a lot of dramas before but now he dont do that anymore. What amazing about him is that he become the character when you see him in the drama that he’s in instead of Kimura where you see him as Kimura and not the character. You should check out Summer Snow coz he’s amazing in it.

        • m

          This whole conversation thread was an interesting read. For me, I love Neen’s work – his acting in Door to Door is amazing and it’s one of my most favourite dramas ever! If you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend giving it a go!

          Since everyone listed that I can tell seems to be in the older Johnny’s category, and all of you seem a little more knowledgeable then me on their acting roles and such (and also because I love reading others’ opinions and having discussions with fellow fans, even if we all don’t share the same opinions – it’s more interesting that way!), what do you all think about the younger Johnny’s groups/members, and who stands out to you as a-class or future a-class Johnny’s actors? For example, from groups below Kanjani.

          I’d like to start off by saying I love Yamada’s acting, and also Chinen’s – although that boy needs to find a way to push himself out of the “high schooler manga adaption” roles he has himself stuck in lately, though I know that’s an issue of height most likely. I’m hoping his movie with Ohno will help push him out of that, the same way Yamada’s Grasshopper did for him (and later, Full Metal), as I know Yamada said in an interview height and his facial characteristics were a problem for getting work until Grasshopper, where his acting ability and work ethic helped get him noticed and, if I remember right, the director for Grasshopper recommended him to the director of Full Metal, like “Try this kid out, he’s got a great work ethic going for him and he’s a good actor – plus has the facial characteristics you might be looking for” and he ended up landing the role.

          Just interested in hearing what you all think of the younger Johnny’s as I feel we don’t hear much about them in discussions like this (aside from Yamada) and I’m sure there’s gotta be more than Yamada among them that are good.

          • Senna

            The standout younger Johnny’s actors could be:
            Yuto Nakajima, Yamada Ryosuke, Tamamori Yuta, Nakajima Kento, and Yuma.

            Yuto holding his own against a talent like Suda Masaki showed a lot of potential. Yuta and Kento are seemingly too commercial. Tamamori has had a lot of wasted chances imo and once was overshadowed by Yuma in Pin to Kona. Kento needs a transformative role. Yuma had that dark drama as a murderer which no one watches. He should get more acting work.

            I’ve only seen one episode of drama starring Chinen (not impressed tbh) but I wouldn’t comment much on him before I’ve seen how he did acting opposite Ohno in Mumon.

            Yamada did very well in Grasshopper but he shouldn’t give excuses about not landing roles due to his physical appearance. Nino, Ohno, Okada, Go and talented actors like Hamada Gaku aren’t tall. Grow a beard or at least some stubble, cut his hair differently or shave some off, get a tan, build up a bit of muscles or fat if a role calls for it. I have a feeling like he’ll make a big fuss if he’s required to shave off his hair… It’s the way he’s self aware that he’s a pretty bishounen. If he’s really thirsty to be a serious actor, he should learn to be ugly first.

      • whatever

        Nino is good. But imo Kimura has a lot more presence (or charisma/aura. Whatever you want to call it). And most newer fans haven’t seen his older work, only judging him by his newest work. He did a lot of different roles.

        Arashi fandom here is huge though, so I guess 90% will say Nino.

        I think the collab is interesting because both of them have such intense eyes.

      • Senna

        Nino has a better range but he can’t play larger than life characters like Jun’s Domyouji and 50% of Kimura’s iconic roles. His forte is human drama because he has an organic quality to his acting. Nino the type of leading actor that shares his screentime with co-actors rather than leading the scenes.

        Kimura is very charismatic and has great presence but his strong personality hampered audience perception about his range. People complaining that he has no range, one note actor are wrong though. Just like Nino he’s great at acting with just his eyes. He’s masterful at romantic scenes.

        Both are quality actors with flaws. I think Nino is more flexible than Kimura and has had history of stealing thunder from bigger stars like Watanabe Ken. We’ll have to see how he does with Kimura.

    • I want to be relevant :(

      What fight!??? More like everyone is hyped ;)

    • Keny

      fan wars are so stupid. I was hella fuckinge xcited when I read the announcement the first time. and I am a big fan of nino. no need for me to start being salty about kimutaku. I am actually excited to see the two together in the movie bcs who doesnt like a great cast. i sure do

    • ennie

      Maybe this could be a good duo like Nagase/Okada or Yamapi/Kame.

    • If there is legit fighting about this….it’s stupid.

    • niyuzuku

      oh God, I dont care which one is the lead. For me, both of them is the lead and that why we waiting this movie. I think this post is the one which lead this clash topic bigger.
      I know many smap and arashi fans, and all of us joining force to support this movie.

    • yamakita

      I think all these idols secretly hate each other so why should their fans be different?

      • Elodie Genia

        you don’t know them…

        • yamakita

          Neither do you.

          • Elodie Genia

            you’re so negative

            • yamakita


              • Elodie Genia

                It’s your problem sorry

                • yamakita

                  lol you’re the one with an issue.

                  • Elodie Genia

                    XD what are you talking ?! Forget it

    • OhNana


      Also, this: “… this leads back to 1996 when member Katsuyuki Mori decided to withdraw from the group. It’s been said she put pressure on media outlets to only use pictures of them as 5 members to create the impression that he never existed.” – I didn’t know that. I honestly thought they were only 5 from the beginning! i applaud mary for this. deym so powerful! lol

    • john wayne

      such petty arguments…!!! just enjoy the both of them in a film…!! GEEEEZ!!

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    • Nels Nellis

      Japanese and Korean fans are so mental sometimes, I mean they both actors in a movie they don’t even have the same casting type….