Kamenashi Kazuya Plays a Mysterious Thief in new drama “Kaito Yamaneko”

KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya will be starring in the new NTV drama “Kaito Yamaneko” (The Mysterious Thief Yamaneko) based on the novel “Kaito Tantei Yamaneko Series” by Manabu Kaminaga. Kamenashi has played a wide range of roles such as a monster in “Yokai Ningen Bem” and a spy. This is his first time challenging the role of a thief. The drama will air on January 2016, Saturdays, 9 pm.

Kamenashi will play the role of Yamaneko who is a thief that steals money from the evil through brilliant tricks, while at the same time exposing their evil deeds. He focuses more on “How to steal…” rather than “Why steal…” which leaves the target of the theft almost not noticing the crime.

There will be elements of action in the drama and Kamenashi will challenge jumping from building to building. Kamenashi says that it is fun rather than scary, as he has experience flying many times in concerts and musicals.

The drama will be directed by Inomata Ryuichi (Kaisefu no Mita) and script written by Muto Shogo (Wakamonotachi 2014, Kazoku Game).

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    • Alva Starr

      I like his acting.

    • Jae

      Oh my gosh, I love this novel (all of Kaminaga Manabu’s works, actually lol). I don’t watch j-dramas, but I’ve heard from friends that Kamenashi isn’t that good of an actor/that he’s kind of awkward? I will watch solely for the fact that it’s based off the novel, but I’m a little worried about how it’ll turn out. Hopefully it’ll be popular cuz then more people will know about Kaminaga’s novels :)))

      • pinkchole

        I never read the novel so I don’t know anything about it but from what I just read above, it sounds a bit like Robin Hood lol
        As for kame’s acting, well I wouldn’t say he’s bad but it’s hard to say he’s good. I feel like the roles he take on don’t have impact like it should.

      • Yoshi

        Actually he’s a pretty good actor, though sometimes the roles he takes aren’t that interesting. I’m really looking forward to this drama

        • HyphenStoriaSayA7

          I think the role of his I loved most was kousaku from one pound gospel because he seemed refreshing to me.

      • ohhello

        Wow, it’s refreshing to hear a different opinion about him. For me, I absolutely love Kamenashi as an actor. He emotes really well with his eyes, and I think that’s the best point about his style. Looking at his past work, I feel like he is able to deliver well with the right direction and guidance from the director. Since you’re a fan of the novel and not Kamenashi, it’d be interesting to hear your opinion of the drama when it comes out haha! :)

      • inchkame

        Whoever told u that kame is not that good actor then kame will prove u wrong. He has Best actor awards under his belt.

    • eruki

      The plot sound a bit like Yamapi’s old kurosagi?

    • what the fuck

      ok more importantly like i ‘m shocked no one asked this, why is my boy wearing ONE hoop earring. it’s setting off my OCD. symmetry, dude, symmetry.

      • emily

        I like it, his earrings are getting bigger and bigger!

      • Kyoko

        seriously. I’m sorry but he looks too girly with that.

    • kamemin23

      Feels like i’ve waited til eternity. this news really made my day! how i wanted kame to be on TV, 24 hours a day. but i’m not that selfish. i’m really really happy. i will support kame all the way!

    • hotaru hime

      i recall reading somewhere that Kame’s luck isn’t very good. Most of the dramas he casted in have pretty low ratings.. But I’m looking forward to this! The plot sounds exciting, and somehow I feel that maybe this drama might just break the “curse” some ppl are talking about XD

      • unionempirex

        i dont think his drama has low ratings, just people judged him just because he’s one of the famous johnnys with a few outstanding drama ratings under his belt ( gokusen 2, yokai ningen bem) and when his dramas got ‘lower’ ratings than expected, people can only see that. I’m looking forward to this drama since it strays away from the topic of love(second love) and family(tokyo bandwagon) and back to my fave piece from him (yokai ningen bem).

      • emily

        I was surprised by the ratings for second love though. It aired at like 11pm? But the average rating was 7+% which is pretty decent. The media and his haters just like to focus on the dramas with lower ratings I guess, as expected.

        • hotaru hime

          Oh thats true! I forgot it was aired near midnight! I’ve finished watching Second love, personally felt that the plot was still “okay”. Not something that’ll make me rewatch again, but definitely a drama I can finish (without dropping) [His dance moves are amazing :)]

          Probably because most of his more recent dramas have pretty flat/ boring story plots. Personally I tried Tokyo Bandwagon, but couldn’t bring myself to finish the 1st episode..

          I’m amazed by his acting though. I enjoyed his movie Ore Ore alot :D (able to see him take up different “roles” in a movie)

      • Kyoko

        Yeah, to be fair he’s starred in a few dramas that didn’t have great script/plot/direction as well. Personally speaking, I disliked Kami no shizuku (boring as hell), I watched the first episode of Tokyo Bandwagon and dropped it, and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge was kind of fun but a very light drama. I enjoyed 1 Pound Gospel but I’m a fan of the manga so it might be because of that (and he was hilarious in that one), Yokai Ningen Bem was again nothing special but his acting was good.

        Kame’s best dramas, in my opinion, are Nobuta, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Yuuki.

        • Hermione48fan

          I agree with you, I watched the first episode of Kami no Shizoku and couldn´t continue it, then I did the same with Tokyo Bandwagon. I really liked Yamato Nadeshiko, it was funny and cute. Yokai Ningen Bem is very good, well,I find the story a bit original because there aren´t many dramas like this one even tough it wasn´t something super special tough.But I loved his acting there and his character so is one of my fav dramas with him. He shined the most in the dramas that you mentioned but I would also add his Gokusen´s role. My fav dramas by him are Nobuta,Gokusen, Yamato Nadeshiko,Yuuki and Yokai Ningen Bem. But lately he has been picking dramas with boring scripts or scenes. I don´t know why is this happening. Second Love is also a bit boring too. Hopefully this drama is going to be interesting!!!.

          • Kyoko

            Definitely, I think he was also brilliant in Gokusen but I didn’t mention the drama itself because it’s nothing special. I do love his Ryu though! And I also love him as Ishida Yuya in Sapuri but again, that drama was kind of plain.

            I like Kame’s acting because, to me, he never looks the same in a role like so many other people. When I watch him I almost forget he’s an actor, he’s so natural. Fingers crossed for this drama!

            • kamekazu223

              Yes, I agree. Kame can portray whatever role he was playing with justice. He is such a great actor that needs to shine more on heavy and good scripts. I love Ishida Yuya so much he was soooo cute in Sapuri! But YNSH was very special to me. That’s where I saw him first. Ikemen Kyohei Takano…

              • Esha

                Kaito Yamaneko has good script and is well executed. Maybe because of some past projects of Kame,people may ignore this one. I assure you that it is worth watching. Kame has delivered his best.

      • REMISU

        Totally late responding, but you should check out Joker Game. Kame’s in it & I found it interesting!

        • hotaru hime

          Thanks!! Just watched Yamaneko and thought that they’ve made a good choice selecting the casts <3 Will try Joker Game soon +W+ the trailer looks good

          • REMISU

            I’ve been wanting to watch Yamaneko! Did you watch it online??

            • Esha

              do you need link where u can watch with english subtitles? I can provide you.

              • REMISU

                I know a few already! Thanks though!

    • Okay, I might watch it.

    • Kasumi

      Yeah! finally new drama for kame. the story looks interesting. the director and the script writer seem compromising. Kaisefu no mita, wakamonotachi 2014, and kazoku game were good dramas. so, I hope they would execute this drama well and the action scene too. actually kame is one of good actors in johnny’s although his dramas rating were not that high or good but he has better luck with awards. can’t wait to watch it. I hope KAT-TUN would sing the soundtrack for this drama *cross finger*. KAT-TUN really need to release something new soon. It has been a long time since their last single.

    • shironeko

      ‘been hearing good reviews about the first episode of kaito yamaneko. can’t wait for it to be subbed!

    • kamekazu223

      Hi people! What are your opinions in kaito yamaneko? Isn’t it a great drama? I’m very very happy that it exceeded people’s expectations. You’ll never get bored watching every episode as the drama have all the genres we are looking for. Actors are all great especially Mr. Yamaneko himself, Kamenashi Kazuya. It’s hard to concentrate on subtitles as you’d want to watch more of kame’s acting (but i’m very very much thankful to yokaisubs for subbing this drama. They are the best!) It gets exciting even more and i can’t wait to watch the next episode. Best kame’s drama so far!

    • nanchan

      aww reading the comments i`m surprised nobody liked tokyo bandwagon. I actually enjoyed it very much it was a story with slow pacing, but i loved the whole ambience about family and the neighborhood. Yamaneko looks very good and interesting, at first i thought his acting was a little exaggerated but now i think maybe i was used to his usual roles where he`s rather serious or composed. So it`s quite a nice change.

    • Esha

      Kame rocks

      • guest


    • Esha

      Ratings have been good for this drama.

    • Esha

      This drama is superbly entertaining. Never got bored in any of the episodes. Kamenashi Kazuya as Yamaneko has nailed it.

    • Esha

      the drama is superb. Dont go by what is written about it. It is different from Kurosagi or any other drama. Its unique and not inspired by any other drama. The drama is thorough entertaining and worthy of multiple watch. It can have a sequel as well.. Kamenashi Kazuya has nailed it as Yamaneko.