Issei Takahashi does his best “gravure pose” for “TVGuide PERSON”

Actor Issei Takahasi is the cover model for the latest edition of TVGuide PERSON. The 66th issue overall, the mook hit Japanese store shelves today on Feburary 9th.

Takahasi teamed up with famed Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee for the cover. Described as a “two shot gravure”, Takahashi’s shots appear on both the front and back of the mook. The idea behind the shoot was having Takahasi himself as a valentines gift.

In the back cover he’s wearing a grey suit surrounded by ribbons and pink wrapping paper, almost like if he was inside a present. The front of the mook is a slightly suggestive photo of him wearing a bright pink GUCCI sweatshirt, with a tongue-in-cheek misspelling purposely implemented by the designer.

Takahasi does an in-depth interview in the mook where he gets a little deep, talking about why he wants to exist and who he wants to exist for, also commenting that “I feel like a big turning point is coming soon“. He also talks about his film Blank 13, which made it’s debut at the Singapore International Film Festival.

Blank 13 was released in Japan on February 3rd, 2018.


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    • eplizo

      A cute king! Love the shots. Hopefully i can pick up a copy of this later on.

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      I like the back cover pic better

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Guys look really good in pink.

    • angel223_

      IDK, but leslie kee is not that good photograper.. He had lot of missed points.

      • CyDo

        better than the overrated Ninagawa Mika

        • angel223_

          Not really, Leslie Kee make his models look boring, if it isn’t for that his well known very models/actors…

          Ninagawa Mika expression is really vibrants, her artistry far different from Leslie Kee..
          She is really good, and so far, Ninagawa Mika’s Helter Skelter still one of the awesome liveaction made.

          • CyDo

            if u meant ‘awesome’, ‘artistry’ by spamming colours all over the place…. in every piece of ‘arts’. even kindergarten kids can do that dear. (this is a hyperbole, btw)

            • angel223_

              Isn’t leslie is using colors to his photograhy but despite that it is still dull… For example that picture above,..
              How could his hand looks so short, and the sweat shirt look horrible.. It could have been more better since the actor is really handsome.

              Yeah, anyone can spread colors, but no one can express it correctly, I can draw an abstract painting but anyone could see it just scattered line..
              But for Ninagawa Mika, she could blend well with her Models, She know her stuff and how to create expressions in photography.

              Leslie is good, but He is bland,
              if artistry is just about few dimension color, any kids can draw a line and color it plainly.
              Coz thats how it is…

              • CyDo

                idk lol he actually looks like a cute kid in the cover. i think they want to portray him in a cute manner lol. (the short arms contribute to this cute image)

              • CyDo

                sOmetimes less is more. i agree that leslie tends to have one signature style, but ninagawa too thou. they don’t have much variety

    • CyDo

      damn hot, sexy and talented. need more leading roles!

    • yamakita

      Interesting pose…

    • Blank 13 seemed like a really boring film. Japan has a lot of this type of films, I really wonder did Japanese actually enjoy this type of movies?

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Looks like he got short arms when he doesn’t. Who approved this?

      • CyDo

        it makes him looks cute

        • Pipe’sIDIC

          Cute? Its not the face, hon. He has always looked pretty. Its how the arms are position which look so awkward especially with that kind of loose jumper he has on.

          • CyDo

            exactly! it makes him look like a child. only those who understand will appreciate this. and seeing how it is met with rave reviews in Japan, I think u’re the only one with loose touch!

            • Pipe’sIDIC

              Say that again?

              A grown-ass man to look like a child? The short-ed arms is ‘for looking like a child’ and is cute? And most also like it?

              Issei’s angular 30-40ish year old grown-ass face can pass up as a cute child?