Hello!Project group Country Girls to implement new “transfer” system

With the upcoming graduation of Country Girls and former Berryz Koubou member Tsugunaga Momoko on June 30th, it has been announced today that Country Girls will be implementing a new system.

In order for members Yamaki Risa and Ozeki Mai to focus on their studies, the remaining three members, Morito Chisaki, Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu, will be “transferred” to other Hello!Project groups. As of yet, these placements have not been announced.

It was also mentioned that Country Girls will regroup during school breaks and holidays with all five members, but their future releases may only be released digitally.

Despite the group’s short tenure, forming in November of 2014 and officially debuting in March of 2015, the group has had many lineup changes. In June of 2015, two months after their debut, the group’s center Shimamura Uta left the group after contract disputes. In November of 2015, UFA added two members from Hello!Project’s trainee program, Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu, into the group. In April of 2016, member Inaba Manaka went on a health hiatus, graduating four months later in August.

The five members will perform in the 2017 Hello!Project summer tour which fans expect will be their final tour before the changes are implemented.

Also important to note is that in May, it was announced that 3 members of Hello!Project’s trainee program will be debuting as Hello!Project members and their group placements have not been decided yet either.

Tsugunaga, who will be graduating from Country Girls and Hello!Project in 3 weeks, asks fans to look forward to the future of Country Girls.

Thank you Liza for this guest post submission!

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    • Momochi

      Apparently this whole transfer thing was UFA’s idea before the 2 members said they wanted to focus on their studies. I think it’s because they’ve realized that they’ve sent all the strong idols to other groups and wanted to “transfer” them temporarily to MM. I can’t tell you how many wota I’ve seen complain about Rikako/Moe/Momona/Funakki/Chisaki/Hama-chan not getting into MM.

      But the thing is, MM is so full now (13 members, 12 starting next year) to the point where the wota are actually annoyed at the thought of new members and don’t want MM to turn into AKB48 and their 16 member senbatsu lol. It’s a shit situation.

      • MM Fan

        Reading the blog posts by CG members and some other H!P members, none of them are happy about this. I’m not either. What the hell was UF thinking?

        The agency didn’t even give CG a choice, and the members were looking forward to showing what they could do once Momochi leaves.

        Miyamoto Karin said Juice=Juice would welcome a member (please no, leave them be), but that’s probably because groups won’t have a say in the matter anyway.

    • Bubi.

      I want this to usher in a new era of subgroups/shuffle groups

      • WorldGN18

        as soon as Ayano debuts I want an unit made of Ayano, Karin, Rena and OdaSaku, I think that would be awesome

    • funakki

      throw funaki in morning musume. besides maa-chan and sakura they have 0 star power in a group of 13 people.

      • めぐみ☆

        and their music is zzzzzzzzz. their peak truly was 2013-2014. i don’t get why they’re pushing fukumura. people used to complain about ai being boring but at least she was a weirdo. fukumura is the human equivalent of oatmeal.

        • I wonder if it’s just coincidence but that peak ended around the time Tsunku stepped down as General Manager.

          • Help Me!

            TBH that and 12th gen are so lackluster. They’re not bad girls but the competition of them is terrible! Throwing in any of the girls OP mentioned would have made 12th gen strong. They’re often compared to 5th gen but 5th gen at 2 and a half years in started to shine in songs like AS FOR ONE DAY, Shabondama and Do It! Now.

            • Shabondama saved LIVES

            • WorldGN18

              I remember having complicated feelings back when they announced the 12th gen, because they announced the 3rd gen of Angerme around the same time and I was more excited about Angerme than Momusu, Maria was the only member I was excited about and she still is, I like the other too though but they don’t have that special spark for me

          • WorldGN18

            Call me biased, but for me Sayu’s leadership was the deciding factor, because Tsunku was there the whole time, but just as Sayu became the leader everyone’s eyes were on Momusu, and is not like they haven’t released good music after Sayu, I mean there’s Tsumetai Kaze, Sukato my heart, Utakata and others, but with Sayu it wasn’t only about the music, she made the group feel like a family and she was good at making things entertaining and bringing up the members personalities and characters, so their sales are steady, but they have lost momentum and I think that’s the reason, they are not as entertaining to watch as they were before, the 12th generation is just now starting to feel like part of the group for me too.

            • I think there’s definitely some weight to that! Sayu was a great leader. There were just A LOT of changes in a short time at Hello! Project around this time and it was quite jarring

              • WorldGN18

                Yeah ever since golden era ended they have been slow in peaking up new trends, they have gotten better though but they need someone that can shake things up in a good way =)

        • WorldGN18

          well I like Fuku-chan and she is quite popular, not everyone needs their idols to be super genki or weirdos, my forever favorite member is Sayu though, and I think their recent music is good but they do need some spice

      • WorldGN18

        You are forgetting Maria and Duu (though Duu will be graduating soon T.T)

    • Hit the Road Jack

      I have a feeling any combination of Fukumura/Iikubo/Eripon will graduate. All 3 of those Country Girls members are frontgirls and really young at that (younger than the majority of the group), UFA might start telling the older girls to start ~considering graduation~

      • I will actually be upset when Iikubo leaves. When we greeted her at handshake event in NYC she called me and Kyle “COOL GUYS” (probably because we were some of the youngest ones there) and it’s literally all I have going for me 😭

      • WorldGN18

        I love Fuku-chan and Harunan, so I wouldn’t like that T.T

    • WorldGN18

      I have such mixed feelings for this!! But right now what I want the most is to know what are they going to do with Yanamin, Chii-chan, Musubu and the KSS!!

    • Huh

      What a fucking weird concept for current H!P

    • Bubi.

      it’s so damn true tho