Yuzuru Hanyu wins male athlete marriage poll, receives mixed results online

Popular online women’s publication “Asa-Jo” recently held a poll asking which sports star their readers would want to marry, the poll was apparently only voted by women in their 20s and 30s.

Figure Skater Yuzuru Hanyu easily topped the poll winning by a landslide. Within the past few years Yuzuru has gained a legion of young fans, mostly girls, and is credited with bringing in a new audience to figure skating in Japan. Traditionally, figure skating fans and followers tend to be middle aged.

Quite a few netizens weren’t in agreement with Yuzuru topping the poll, GirlsChannel in particular, with many showing favor to Shohei Otani, a baseball player who came in 5th place on the poll. The entire top 5 results are as follows:

1. Yuzuru Hanyu

2. Yuto Nagatomo

3. Makoto Hasebe / Kei Nishikori

5. Shohei Otani

+779 -11
I can’t imagine married life with Hanyu.
+725 -132
I hate Hanyu.
+270 -18
Are you popular with young children?
+270 -18
I’ve never thought Yuzuru was cool. There would probably be difficulties during marriage.
+1051 -83
Well, Otani-Kun is better.
+305 -134
No..Hanyu will not get married to a woman.
+524 -66
Otani-kun is better.
+441 -50
I’d like Otani
+336 -11
If Yuzuru gets married the fan meltdowns will be amazing
+149 -45
With Hanyu-kun I can see him as a “girl”, I just can’t see him as straight.
+337 -4
Kei Nishikori looks like a woman missing her eyes.
+70 -3
Athletes seem so stoic. Would be impossible for me, I’d just get drunk.
+71 -12
I really like Yuzuru Hanryu as a figure skater. I don’t really see him as a male, much less one that I would want to marry.
+32 -35
Yuzuru looks weak so he’s out. He’s thinner than me…
+39 -18
I actually think that Yuzuru is overwhelmingly popular with ladies in their 20s and 30s
+14 -48
Eh~ I like Kei better
+39 -18
>>167 Do you like to have erotic chats with single white mothers? Party at German clubs? soccer_player_who


Despite the large amount of haters Yuzuru Hanyu continues to be at the top of his game. He just recently took home gold at the World Figure Skating Championships, bringing his gold medal count from various championships to 10.

(via Asa-Jo)

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    • LOL, all the Yuzuru is gay comments.

    • Well, damn! Does Yuzuru murder day old kitten with his skates in his spare time?

    • Eris_03

      Marrying Yuzuru is like marrying a child.

    • Kiyo

      Those who think of Yuzuru as a kid really don’t know him at all , haters gonna hate 😇

      • Eris_03

        I’m sorry if J came across as rude or hater. I’m actually a big Yuzuru fan. I know he’s really smart and mature for his age. What I mean his wife would probably would take care of him a lot ’cause he’s somewhat dependent to his mother for his needs. I’ m sorry if I expressed it in a bad way, english is my native language hehe

      • Nikki ok

        you don’t know him either…unless you know him personally which is probably not the case

        • Kiyo

          Well I’m a skater so I actually met him before a couple of time , I’m sorry but when I read “weak” to describe him I just want to laugh at the face of these persons so … ^_^

          • Nikki ok

            lol having met someone once or twice isn’t the same as knowing someone personally…you still don’t know him :D

            • Kiyo

              wouah you’re really impossible right ? lol anyway I’m wasting my time here , when I just want to defend him because those accusations are just wrong , and I will not justify myself how much I know him or not , that’s called privacy .

              • Nikki ok

                yeah you can’t justify it because you don’t know him, are you too dumb to understand this fact or are you just ignorant :D

                • Kiyo

                  Omg 😂😂 I will just let you talk here , bye bye with your logical nonsense

                  • Nikki ok

                    nice that you at least admit that it’s logical :D

                    • leonil

                      Logical nonsense is still nonsense. The only reason there is logic is because idiots produce nonsense and you’re an idiot.

                      • g.y

                        dafuq you reply to a comment from 7months ago, get over yourself and get a life smh

                      • leonil

                        7 months aint long on internet comment boards. And stupid people deserve to be called out. Plus you started this with your dumbass comments to begin with. If you had a life we wouldnt be here buuubyeee.

                      • g.y

                        cool, get a life :)

                • leonil

                  Are you 12 years old? Because only dumb 12 year olds pick fight about nothing on online forums and use the low effort stupid passive aggressive smiley sign. You have shown yourself to be a complete idiot as oppossed to the person you’re “arguing” with, who actually made a well supported point.

            • JJ

              I don’t know him either–not even like a crazy fangirl, but I have been following the skating scene for a while and I think it’s easy to see how amazing a skater/artist/athlete he is. Yuzuru is an incredibly accomplished World, national, and Olympic skater. Look at his wikipedia page and only a petty hater will be stupid enough to say he has no talent or look at one of his performances and tell me he has no charm.

              • Nikki ok

                ????????? Where did I write he has no talent?????

                I just told that person that they’re delusional if they think they know someone when in reality they don’t know them personally.
                I don’t care enough about yuzuru to look him up :D

          • lwavesurfer

            Should you practice more instead of commenting here? Just asking.

    • That’s some huge shade thrown for a world class athlete lol
      He may be effeminate, but …I dunno. Then again, we all thought George Micheal was THE ladys’ man so whatever

    • yacchaitai

      He’s too young, maybe in 10 years.

    • Allen’s wife

      marrying yuzu would be a dream come true for billions of people in the world, who cares about the 1% haters.

    • PigeonPop

      Girls Channel is being their usual pathetic selves again–these are the same folks who fawned over Jeffrey Buttle and Johnny Weir thinking they were the “oujisama” (princely) type and believed that they had the hots for Mao back in the day.

      As for Yuzuru, it really shouldn’t be hard to see why he’ll dominate this type of poll. He’s the only one on the list who could be categorized as being svelte and having an element of androgyny to his look, and that’s something Japan have always been fond of (and something the obasan users on GC seem to have suddenly forgotten). The soccer guys, Kei, and Otani are quite easy to replace with another athlete as far as body types and facial features are concerned. Yuzuru, not so much.

    • l3012

      I understand them not finding him manly at all…I mean, he is really talented and has such a cute face, but he lacks something…from the survey, I like Otani and Hasebe. They have stronger features and look more adult-like.

    • I guess athlete = manly. *shrug*

    • goingtojpn

      Yuzuru is so cute anyone would wish to take care of him <3

    • moon2017

      He’s talented and seems like a very good guy, but as far as looks goes there’s really nothing to go gaga about..

    • selina

      Yuzuru hanyu is a beatiful person, his talent, looks and personality together contribute to his success, he may look younger than his age, but he is such a wise athlete. He has the spirit of a fierce warrior ( watch his 2015 semei program) but can also be very delicate, I understand that some think he is girly but these attitudes are really ignorant, these stereotypes about men and women are depressing frankly. Figure skaters are misleading when it comes to sexual orientation, sometimes the most manly turn out to be gay, in any case, the main problem with these hate comments is how homophobic they are. Yuzuru hanyu is the kind of person who transcends gender types

      • nat_newyork

        his 2014 gp china was epic

    • Kaido

      Wow, some of their comments haha I don’t see him as ‘girly’, he’s skinny and good looking so naturally he’ll get some votes, plus his status as one of the greatest figure skater in the world atm. I’m not into figure skating but I saw some of his performances and he’s really amazing.

      • helloandbye

        Right?? I also do not think of him as girly… cute yes, adorbs yes, but girly how??

    • Nikki ok

      I thought he was just a fetish of all those weebs on tumblr

    • Sakura Kou

      I think yuzuru is gay , it’s kind obvious .. but I think he would end up marrying woman cuz japan soceity is not open to gay celeb .

      • yamakita

        He doesn’t have to be married to anyone. Kiyoshi is still not married.

    • yamakita

      I’m surprised there is no sumo wrestlers. I thought that was a thing for Japanese women?

      • PigeonPop

        They are certainly respected, but sumo wrestlers were never really a thing. Chiyonofuji and the Wakanohana + Takanohana siblings are probably the only sumo wrestlers that had that kind of popularity.

    • Seeyawithyou

      I think Yuzuru Hanyu is a cutie. He’s definitely not marrying a woman. the public HAS to know he’s gay…he’s sooooo gay

    • lwavesurfer

      If anyone ever marry Yuzuru, he’s probably going to be a trophy husband for the partner.

    • JJ

      Ive been following skating for well over a decade since I was little. Besides being incredibly talented, Yuzuru Hanyu is also a total cutie! totally down with this poll. However, I wonder how much Yuri on Ice! has been getting more ladies hot for cute and talented skaters and how much this affected poll…

    • Dubiakw

      selina pretty much said it all. Hateful speculations and comments only make someone a member of a minority. Yuzuru seems like a real Mensch and nothing can change that. I wish him well with his career, his love-life, and with anything else he chooses to pursue.

    • Hello. Im a total Bitch.

      I dont think they wil get to marry him anyway Y so worrried??