Yuzuru Hanyu Denies Dating Rumors

Today, Yuzuru Hanyu called a report that he is currently in a relationship “nothing.” The question came during a press conference in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, where he and other figure skaters are preparing for an ice show that will take place tomorrow to raise funds for relief efforts related to The Great East Japan Earthquake.

A report published earlier this week claimed that Yuzuru is currently dating a former classmate, “A.” They met while in high school in 2010. They had several classes together and worked out together, since they were both athletes. “A” is described as a cute, lively girl, around 160 centimeters tall, who resembles Ikimonogakari’s Yoshioka Kiyoe. The rumored couple reconnected last spring, and there was supposedly talk of marriage this past summer.

At the press conference, Yuzuru wondered why this report was even a thing to begin with. It’s “truly nothing”, he said, surprised by the rumor. He continued that the rumor was in part due to his former high school classmates making things up. He then apologized to his fans for any distress this gossip may have caused.

In a related bit, a child at a local school he visited in the area asked who he was marrying. Yuzuru replied that he’s got getting married yet.

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    • Ryusei

      well let’s hope he really isn’t and that this won’t turn into another one of these denying the relationship but is actually dating things

      • h

        eh considering he has idol-like popularity and is popular with the housewives, i can see his agency making him deny it. but we’ll see.

    • eplizo

      “He continued that the rumor was in part due to his former high school classmates making things up”

      Damn. Shooting her down like that lmao.

    • Lany *~

      marriage?!! come on… -.-

    • guest

      Why is this even news, though? He’s a figure skater, not an idol with a contract saying he can’t date. It would hardly be a scandal if he WAS seeing someone.

      • Yuki no fuyu

        But he is sort of an idol in Japan.

        • guest

          Just because he has the popularity of one doesn’t mean he is one. An idol’s career depends on public image, which is why those stupid “no dating” rules exist. It’s a scandal when they break them because it could, potentially, destroy their career if it’s big enough.

          A figure skater, on the other hand, can do virtually anything, regardless of how it impacts their public image, and so long as they’re still pulling in wins and medals, they’ll still have coaches and sponsorships beating down their door. Because in figure skating, what brings in money is not your face or how people perceive you; it’s how many competitions you win.

          tl;dr: Hanyu Yuzuru may currently have the popularity of an idol, but he exists in an entirely different world with different rules and priorities and people are, apparently forgetting this.

          • Yuki no fuyu

            And you’re lecturing me because…? I’m only providing you a reason why he, or the people around him, felt the need to clarify regarding the rumours.

    • Reading stories like this makes me sad. Oh, the life of a Japanese celebrity.

    • chococat07

      haha hes so freaking cute with the kidsd.

    • This sucks in a way. Still so young and people already talking marriage.

    • Kuro Usagi ~ pyon!

      So I still have a chance ʅ(´՞ਊ ՞ )ʃ三ʅ(´ ՞ਊ ՞)ʃ yes! (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ *victory dance* lol jk

    • Cotton For Silk

      Oh come on! That boy is so gay that if he were in a relationship it would be with another cute boy.

    • Unicorn

      I’m laughing at his reaction to the kid asking who’s gonna be married to. He’s like ‘BOY YOU’RE LIKE 10. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MARRIAGE? YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE YOUR FIRST GIRLFRIEND YET”

    • リナ

      So now even a figure skater can’t feel safe on a date? Oh dear Japan, those babies you need so badly gotta be made somewhere! XD

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    • Karen Khoo

      Highschool sweethearts are the cutest! Let them be~