hitomi Criticized for Her Parenting Skills

hitomi is the mother of 2 children: a 6 year old girl and a 9 month old boy. She’s recently come under fire for her parenting skills, particularly her strictness with her daughter. A few days ago, hitomi and her family appeared on Nippon TV’s “Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi.” While she doted on her son, her daughter experienced different treatment. Viewers branded hitomi as a bad mother.

She took to her blog to clear the air. She expressed her love for her daughter, but said that sometimes the child can be unpleasant. hitomi defended herself by saying that the tv show only showed bits and pieces of her role as mother, and not the full picture.

We have footage from the show after the jump!

hitomi’s part is in the beginning of the show.

Do you think hitomi is a bad mother?


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    • ProllyWild

      Lol really?….

    • phililen3

      I guess we will only ever know if we get to see all the footage. Either side of the story isn’t surprising though…

      • h

        hitomi is definitely one of the underappreciated jpop queens ugh

        • He has a lot of good songs.

    • But she was afraid of the pirates so of course she didn’t want to watch…:(

    • nothingsover

      While it’s true that we only saw a part of it, her language and attitude towards her daughter were definitely harsh. And if she allowed this to be broadcasted, that means she feels at least somewhat that this is not unusual. I hope her daughter doesn’t feel like she’s not treated the same as her brother because favoritism can be really damaging to young children.

      • Dora

        What did she said to the child and how did the child react? I tried watching the clip but was distracted. Don’t want to waste more of my time with it tbh.

    • Jessica

      Is it that difficult to love your children equally?

    • Midori

      It’s always “lovely” to see how quick people are to criticise mothers. -.-”

      hitomi defended herself by saying that the tv show only
      showed bits and pieces of her role as mother, and not the full picture.

      Absolutely. How can people judge her after watching a TV show? It wouldn’t be the first time a show gets edited in a way that makes the guest look bad.

    • shirogane

      A bit harsh but definitely not poor parenting. But why would you get mad at your 6 years old kid for not having fun?

    • mee-KE-le

      Motherhood can be a tough topic in Japan (rotten amniotic fluid anyone?).

      Anyway. I’d really like some new music from her. It’s quite sad that they’re not doing anything for her 20th anniversary.

    • Gisele

      who cares? leave the family alone

    • anon

      Does anyone happen to know if she’s married again? I remember her divorcing an actor a few years ago, but I’m not too sure. In short-who’s her baby daddy? lol

    • Rotten Apple

      Judging someone from a variety show. lol.