Fumika Shimizu to retire from entertainment to devote herself to cult

Popular 22-year-old actress Fumika Shimizu has announced her intention to retire from the entertainment industry to commit herself to Happy Science, a controversial new religious and spiritual movement often criticized for being a cult.

Founded in 1986 by CEO Ryuho Okawa, the basic teachings of Happy Science are “Exploration of the Right Mind” and the “Principles of Happiness“. Okawa claims to channel the spirits of Muhammad, Christ, Buddha and Confucius, and is the incarnation of the supreme spiritual being called El Cantare.

Shimizu is most notable for playing Yuki Jojima in Kamen Rider Fourze and Aiko Himeno in HK!!! Hentai Kamen.

Her parents introduced her and her three sisters to the controversial religion at birth, and has since been following it unbeknownst to her agency.

Since last month, Shimizu has been working with two lawyers to prematurely end her contract with LesPros Entertainment, claiming that she is unable to balance entertainment commitments and her beliefs.

A regular on Fuji TV variety show NIJIIRO JEAN, Shimizu continued working as normal until February 4th when she cancelled future appearances on the show due to “poor health”. Since then, her agency has been unable to contact her. Her Twitter account through LesPros has been deleted, prompting her to creating a personal account.

Throughout the three decades since its foundation, Happy Science has rapidly grown into a global movement with members in over 100 countries around the world. The cult boasts 10 million members domestically and 1 million abroad with centers in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.

In recent years, Happy Science has been working hard to secure a favorable image with the public to recruit. We last reported about the cult in December of last year with the announcement of their very own propaganda idol group Anjewel.

Shimizu has two starring roles in upcoming films scheduled for release later this year, Tokyo Ghoul and Ankoku Joshi, and with her swift and controversial demand to end her career as an actress, their release is now up in the air.

(via Hochi)

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    • Ben
      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        LOLOL where is this from? :)

        • Ben


          • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

            Thank you! :). I have always wanted to watch that show. A lot of my friends like it.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      They aren’t very good at being a cult.. lmao.

      They need to learn from Scientology, how to keep their people in the game and then suck all the money out of them. What use is she if she isn’t making money for them.. xD

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        True that

      • starlightshimmers

        Let’s appreciate the fact that like 99% of Japanese are not religious or have no religion, therefore the entirety of Japan probably thinks she’s batsh*t lunatic.

        • Dalooshe

          Actually the Japanese people are VERY spiritual and several Japanese-like behaviors come from that background. It’s just not publicly discussed as it is with Abrahamic religions..

          • Hien Nguyen

            Being spiritual and being religious are two different things. Almost everyone thinks offering incense sticks to the dead, or visiting shrines on New Year Eve is normal, but religious cults don’t have a good reputation in Japan. Most people I know think following these cults means you’re either stupid or just crazy.

            • Dalooshe

              I understand spiritual and religious to be the same thing since they deal with topics you can’t see or explain bla bla.. But I see what you’re trying to say that in Japan, they’ve got a bad image specially since they’ve had a harsh experiences – i.e the Aum Shinrikyo cult.

              But in the end, if in fact Fumika is convinced by this Happy Science cult, then she should just do what she wants as far as they wont hurt no one.

              • Hien Nguyen

                I agree. The only problem I have with her quitting her job to devote herself to religious belief is that she’s still in the middle of some projects. It’s pure irresponsibility in her part, if this news is true, that she basically throws all the efforts of her coworkers and various others involved down the drain by abandoning the work midway, and leaving bad publicity.

                • sad science

                  ” She started to reveal to people around her that she wanted to die as often as once weekly but her manager asked her not say this so often.”

                  “Shimizu was hurt badly emotionally and physically and was issued with stop-work orders by her doctor.”

                  “The situation has developed to this stage because Shimizu’s doctor said that her life was in danger if she continued to work. We can’t help but be reminded of the Dentsu employee who died. We feel that her renouncement from the world is an emergency measure to save her but her agency simply wouldn’t try to understand. Shimizu herself said that she had to abide by the rules of showbiz and couldn’t use her legal name freely if she quit from her agency because this was indicated clearly on her contract. As such, she saw no way of escaping and was on edge every day.”

                  The cult is iffy but Shimizu’s health is at risk and she has openly criticised her old agency using her new twitter.

                  • Hien Nguyen

                    Even if that is true, that het agency was horrible and she was totally stressed out and overworked, what did she expect from the entertainment world in the first place? Especially if you’re a girl, they’ll do everything to make a cash cow out of you.
                    There’re other ways to retire so that it’d cause the least inconveniece to people involved. She could’ve left quietly citing health reasons (and maybe comdemning her agency and expressing her devotion to Happy Science later when things have settled with the projects she was involved in), but she decided to make the biggest fuss before the films’ release. Irresponsible people are irresponsible, no matter what excuses they use.

                    • sad science

                      Fyi, there’s only one movie she hasn’t done filming yet. There are LIVE jobs the agency is pushing her to do still like the the ShowerTV MC, and in her current mental state she’s in no position to be part of the PR run of her movies.

                      Its quite sickening to know there are people like you who rather let ill people further suffer and call it “irresponsible” when they brokedown. This is the sort of mentality by people at Dentsu: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/12/29/head-japans-largest-ad-agency-resigns-death-overwork/

                      • Hien Nguyen

                        It’s exactly because I know the filming has been wrapped up that I blame her for her irresponsibility. She could’ve quit before they started filming, or even after a few scenes were done. But now all is done, and because of bad publicity, efforts of so many people involved are wasted (they might even have to recast a different actress and redo her scenes, and she are not going to do any promotions either (that’s what I meant by leaving the work midway)).

                        You can call me sickening, or whatever you want. She’s not the only person who suffer in this world, not even the only one in Tokyo. Responsible people deal with their suffering in a much more tactful way. Like I said, I have no problem with her citing health reason to retire from the industry. She may even be able to file a lawsuit against her agency if she was really deemed unable to work by the doctor but still forced to, or reveal the story of her maltreatment by her agency to the press. But the way she took to twitter to vent her frustrations now is merely childish and irresponsible. I have the feeling, more than wishing to speak against the exploitative nature of her agency and protecting the young generation of actors, she’s just doing all this to promote the liberation of the mind thanks to Happy Science.

                        Her agency was to blame for her over-work, low pay, and maltreatment, if she’s telling the truth. But her co-workers, the directors, the staff, and many others involved do not owe her anything. Nor do the viewers of the films, who wonder why they should enjoy her characters she portrayed when she don’t even feel comfortable portraying them.

                        (I did not intend to reply, but I guess I should to clarify how cruel a person I am. Now, all is said and done, so I’m not wasting any more time on this)

                      • sad science

                        “One of the jobs she hated to do was to film a DVD in swimwear because she didn’t want to be seen as a sex symbol. She already indicated that she didn’t want to do it but was forced to go ahead because she was afraid of being taken off work again. She started to reveal to people around her that she wanted to die as often as once weekly but her manager asked her not say this so often.

                        “Shimizu engaged a lawyer and is in the midst of trying to tidy up her work arrangements by limiting the impact to the minimum. However, when she talked to her agency, it tried to get her to finish her contractual obligations and did not listen to her at all.”
                        “Even after receiving a SOS from their actress, her agency kept saying that it was her duty to finish her work even though her intention was to reorganise the work arrangements instead of leaving a huge hole in the schedule by leaving immediately.”

                      • sad science

                        I guess it would only be “co-workers, the directors, staff, and others involved + potential viewers” problem if she end up dead

                      • Nobu

                        If it really was concerning health issues as she stated, I really don’t think she should compromise on anything, let it be work or management or a finished movie. she might have been wanting to quit for awhile but couldn’t find a way out.

                        People react to pressure differently. I honestly think if she feels trapped within her job and is angry and depressed about it NOW is the best time to quit. not tomorrow or few moths later when she has acted considerately to other people but ready to to take her life because of it.

                        It’s pitiful to think that she should sacrifice her health so people can get to watch a stupid movie.

        • rshina

          hahaha, so true

    • maguro part deux

      Don’t worry, be happy.

    • Bloodforge

      Not shady at all.

    • YuzuFlip

      What an idiot…

    • starlightshimmers

      That’s great! I always knew she needed Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Confucius in her life.


      • Paddy Alfan

        no morgan freeman in there so shes still yelping.

    • surfboardt

      … Girl, RUN.

    • Reileen

      What happens to the movies she’s part of?

    • Bubi.

      their idol group is dreadful

      • LgtGhost

        i skip the whole video because i cant stand it

    • She has some very questionable life decisions.

    • Twinkle Kilara

      This is such a sick cult. I can’t believe she’s going to follow something so wacky

    • Cherry

      Poor girl. If she grew up with that, it’s hard to get out. It’s hard even to see anything wrong.

    • ProllyWild

      So many people quitting the entertainment business…for so many reasons….here’s another one…

      • hasawa

        “A religion is an old cult. A cult is a new religious movement.”
        The existence of prodigies/miracles in well established religions (inducing the actual existence of a “Divine will” behind being at work) may help discerning them from groundless scammy cults though

    • rshina

      excuse me girl, really?
      you just get a lot of attention, and a lot project too
      and what will happen to tokyo ghoul and ankoku joshi? that’s 2 movie that I really wait this year too…

    • pandaa2016

      I seriously thought this was some kind of joke O_O

      • Fikri IRShade

        when i saw this on my timeline i thought this was from some bullshit site, but . . . .oh god

    • wud

      the kawaii version of scientology

    • What

      Girl…. get out of there…

    • nothingsover

      It’s tough. If she was raised with it, you can’t even really call it a “choice.”

    • Kyle

      cults are so interesting. watch holy hell on netflix

    • This is….wow.

    • xHadex

      stupid religious…. there only one god…

    • atralail


    • Why JAPANESE People Why

      What’s happening to JPOP in this year? people leaving left & right & people die @ a young age…

    • Mayanee

      I at first thought that this was a joke. If she grew up into this cult it’s tough to get out.
      It’s not unheard of that actresses stop acting in Japan due to cults. One actress from the Date Masamune Taiga (Megohime’s actress if I remember correctly) also stopped acting due to a cult.

      Well I guess that Touka in Tokyo Ghoul will be recast. I thought that Fumika didn’t fit Touka much anyway. Maybe they can get Matsuoka Mayu she was my dream cast.

      Girls in the Dark interested me however I guess since they have to recast the main actress if is up in the air.

    • aisasami

      She should took cues from TOSHI and how he was unhappy about being in a cult. But, she was raised in one since a young age, that is hardest predicament to get out of. Hopefully, she can find a way out someday?

    • rey

      omg I only know her from ohno’s drama i’m quite shocked

    • light

      Really? Hard to get out of a cult if you’ve been raised in one..
      I liked her on tv shows, she looks like a funny girl.

    • Fikri IRShade

      the cult should just let her stay in bussiness, easy promotion

    • Is “Happy Science” a destructive cult? In what ways does it damage lives? Does it exploit or harm its members in some way?

      Is Jikido Aeba an absolute totalitarian leader like David Miscavige is of Scientology?

      Do the members of Happy Science seem to have surrendered their critical thinking to a kind of group think mindset dominated by their leader? Does the leader of Happy Science have undue influence over the movement to the extent that members consistently act against their own best interest, but consistently in in the best interests of the group?

      These are the key questions to determine if the group is a destructive cult.

      Numbers matter. But Scientology often says that his millions of members, though many people that closely follow the group state it has less than 50,000 members worldwide.

      • Bell

        I can only go from what I read in Wikipedia. Its leader promotes a right wing, militaristic, war crimes-denying agenda along with declaring that he is essentially the supreme being.

        • Bubi.

          Yup. Spreading hate and deifying himself.

          • There is a paper written by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton that was published at Harvard University titled “Cult Formation.” One of the three core criteria that Lifton offers to define a destructive cult is “A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose power.”

        • The most salient single feature of most destructive cults is a leader that has no meaningful accountability to the general membership through an organizational constitution, bylaws and regular elections. There is no one that he or she must answer to regarding decision making or finances. Whatever the leader says is right is right and whatever the leader says is wrong is wrong. The only way members can effectively vote is with their feet by leaving the group. And there is no actual financial transparency concerning group finances through an annually published budget, which discloses in detail all expenses, salaries and compensation paid out by the group that is distributed to all its contributors.

    • Yagura-Nao

      oh my god … why ?!!!

    • El cantare? So what does he sing 24 hours a day? What BS is that? What kind of heartless parents brainwash their kids for a cult?! If her career as in the way of her be,wife, why the hell dis she even decide to become an actress and why would she even get those roles if she was planning to quit anyway? This is BS. I’m pretty sure she’s being forced to quit by those psychos.

    • il indio111

      It would be pretty weird if this is how Becky gets her Jin job back.

    • lwavesurfer

      The description of the cult already sounds like a bad acid trip.

    • FrozenLand

      She’s publishing a book telling her side of her story which will be out on 17 February 2017!

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7ab03c45ed1e545bb8c44d0c63ce714b57924c14b933da5b17cf92415511045.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0646940e3016b5e63852657aab68f04ab55efb388981fe4cbcf54ae667a99935.jpg

      Did she took a leaf out of Fuji TV’s Ghost Writer? She’s totally channeling Todo Risa here.

      The way Shimizu Fumika’s incident is playing out is even more thrilling
      to watch than all the Winter 2017 J-dramas. Screenwriters should take

    • SamuraiSx

      what a bullshit… poor girl gosh… now this reminded me of what happened to X JAPAN…and poor Toshi.. I can’t… …eh foolish people. better all of them read book like ”Everyday Saints and Other Stories” by Tikhon Shevkunov .. and the utmost problem is that many more people out of ignorance or nonknowledge go to these ways nowdays.. sad

    • nosnurbd

      It is truly sad when parents lie to their children.

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