Check out Kanjani8 Yokoyama Yu’s anan Sex Edition Photoshoot

It’s that time of the year again, and anan’s annual summer “sex special edition” this time features Kanjani8’s Yokoyama Yu (36). From a usually bright character, Yokoyama shows off his sexy side in over 12 pages.

Several Johnnys idols have made covers of the sex issue in the past, but readers are probably used to these idols gracing the cover when they’re under 30 yrs old.

Click on for some NSFW pictures of the issue, including intimate shower shots, released last August 9.

pic credit: 口禾火口秋啾 @ weibo
via livedoor news

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    • REMISU

      Oh boy. These are nice

    • Ketu ♥

      I thought he was in his 20s gosh. He looked so innocent. 😍

    • dianablancheneige

      Ohhhh, some of those pics look really~ good. Yokoyama is a handsome guy & he looks younger his age (unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about Ryo-chan.. even though he used to be my fav. member in Kanjani8 XD).

      • katsura

        Yep. I’ve always envied Yoko for his skin. He looks so damn smooth. You’re born with that kind of skin really.

        • dianablancheneige

          AAaah I agree, it’s flawless ><

    • Lol

      /Fan myself

    • the groupie who

      Congrats Yokocho~ xD 💙

      I expected a bit more of skin but I’m okay with the result, the shots are ok and he looks so handsome and young .

      Now waiting for all the teasing of the members during the dome concerts in Tokyo and Fukuoka xD they’re going to destroy him!

      • Mi

        YESS! I’m almost certain they’re gonna tease him during the concert MCs XD!

        I think when Okura did it, it was only mentioned in passing during a concert MC? I was kind of hoping they’d have more of a conversation about Okura’s shoot at that time. As for Yoko’s, I’m pretty sure they’re definitely gonna tease him about it.

    • 116FanxyZihoes

      Idk how johnnys allowed this but yasssss

      • Zoe

        He’s definitely not the first Johnnys to do this.

        • Jin’s from a while back was definitely more ~risque~ lol.
          Can Arama please do a post about the sexiest Johnny’s An An shoots? We would appreciate that, thanks

          • ges

            Oh yess and let the readers rate it in the comments! Not sure if stuff like that is allowed for open submission….

      • LOLOL

        Yamapi, Akanishi Jin, Ikuta Toma, Sakurai Sho also did it

        • mikamika

          plus Matsumoto Jun…

    • kogamo

      No amount of anan will wipe out Morinaga CM from my memory.

    • Keny

      damn son

    • guest

      Where’s the classic butt crack shot?

    • skebe

      Ok but I want to see his legs & butt too

    • yacchaitai

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • eplizo

      What fucking BLESSING. He looks amazing.

    • katsura

      You get it YOU !

    • 36????!!!11
      holy shit, he looks hella fine

    • l3012

      He has a handsome face, but I don’t find this kind of boyish body ‘sexy’ at all. But overall it’s a nice shoot; my favorite photo is the one where he’s embracing the model in front of the window, with the contrast of sunlight.

    • angel223_

      Some Johnnys do it so frustrated.
      Me: fucking waiting for Kame Nude AnAn for forever…

      After seeing Yoko photo without the butt exposure

      Me: nah.. I will just wait for ~follow me~ VTR that maquia team made.. Hope for a DVD
      not AnAn nude if they won’t give me that precious Kame ass.

      • ges

        the world revolves around kame *sarcasm*

        • angel223_

          AnAn nude photo have their butt exposure trademark… Yoko pics is sexy but too fine for 36yrs old in which some Johnnies did it in their 20s…
          He is not bad.. ok but

          Ps. My world really revolves around kame no need to be sarcastic.

          • rika09

            my world revolved around kame too… but now it revolves around yoko so….

            it is indeed quite wholesome for anan love and sex, and if you know yoko you’ll know why….but we’ve seen more from him and the other members on kanjani8 concert dvds too, so it doesnt matter… at least he got to do the anan love sex issue which is quite impossible for him years ago….

            • angel223_

              Im a fan of K8 before anything else.. just becoz Im a kametard stan I dont watch anything except him..
              Im a kpopper/jpopper fucktard too.
              I dont say anything bad on him either. I find him youthful at 36 and Sexy.

              people always been sensitive me being a Kame stan/They are not a Kame fan. OK.
              I know, of course and Im not gonna push people to like Kame..
              I swear, I am much amazed coz people are not a Kame fan or not anymore… really I wish I am too. I wanna go back on days Im just an exile/kanjani/arashi/exo/suju/daichimiura fan and not stanning Kame. I STILL FEEL ORDINARY.

              Im just voicing out my frustration him not being AnAn Nude too.. Me being wanting to see the ~follow me~ video that I saw in Kame solo con but my memories want a hard copy and its frustrating.

              Again. YOKO PICS ARE SEXY

              • AoZora

                I am a Kame fan too and certainly my wish is same as yours… Having him on ANAN.. I want to see his butt too.. :p

              • rika09

                not hating or anything either… but you say ‘people always been sensitive me being a Kame stan/They are not a Kame fan. OK. ‘ – its because you drag his name everywhere even if its not related..

                ‘I swear, I am much amazed coz people are not a Kame fan or not anymore..’ – everyone has different taste.. there are cute baby face guys like yamada, handsome type like kame, tough lokking like nagase..etc not always abt kame

                hope you youll get kame’s someday…

      • Kameneko223

        My world revolves around kame as well. I’ve been wondering why his AnAn issues were tame compared to other JE boys.

        PS. Waiting eagerly for that Maquia video too.

    • Nasukwa

      I want to know his skin care routine. I wonder what he does to keep it so youthful.

      • ges

        It’s his gene, not skincare.

        • Nasukwa

          ***wishful thinking*** It could be both.

      • mikamika

        I’d say he/they used a bit of photoshop here ;) He also looks great on TV, so why bother…

    • Wow… nice.

    • Owari Konoyono

      Whether the partner in the photo is Asami Miura or Minami Tanaka?

      • ges

        Neither lol. I ship Yoko & Asami ngl.
        Just a random foreign model with well endowed bosoms. Anan cliche choice.

        • yamakita

          I wonder why that is. Maybe the fans can’t really complain cuz of the inferiority complex?

          • ges

            I don’t think Japanese fans have inferiority complex over these foreign girls well endowed bosoms. More likely they rather have a disassociation with the female subject, creating an image that it can only be a one night stand with a “loose” nameless gaijin. Also its harder for the wotas to track down the girls in case they feel like giving death threats.

    • :O Got it spinning and it’s wet just like it came from Maytag. xD But for real, good job Yoko.

    • Male:ko

      Oooh boy… That was really a sexy photoshoot.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      a bit skinny, but rather sexy.
      he looks REALLY good with black hair.. o.o

    • Taru

      Jesus christ.

    • kashiyuka

      lol im really not a fan of this

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    • Rika

      Nothing can ever top the AnAn photoshoots with Kimura and Okada for me. But nevertheless this looks good. I’m not a fan of him, don’t hate him, but I found his character (sudden change to mysterious-emo) so difficult in the years 2008-12. However, YES for someone above the age of 30 doing this! And in all honesty, it’s so much better done than what Ohkura did (not his fault, but the concept… still traumatized by that cover Oo) This here looks a bit like what MatsuJun did, quite tasteful.

      I wish Ryo would do a nude photoshoot, but I don’t really see him agreeing to doing it ^^

      • ges

        “I’m not a fan of him, don’t hate him, but I found his character (sudden change to mysterious-emo) so difficult in the years 2008-12. ”
        Really? I’m not a fan of k8 so I don’t watch them closely but never had the impression on Yoko being mysterious-emo. He did went through a personal tragedy with his mother sudden death and younger brother breakdown but its not a secret nor was it something that he willingly talked about all the time (emo?). If its about his acting jobs, he’s very good with darker roles but totally don’t see it seeping out on Yoko’s variety/ real life image.

    • mikamika

      Considering this is AnAn and your NSFW warning I expected a bit more, lol. These photos aren’t exactly risque in comparison to other photoshots they did in the past.
      Still, nice and sexy and good-looking.

    • M

      Isn’t it sorta ironic that it such a big deal when a Johnny’s is caught in a relationship or something, but they can do shoots like this and it’s fine? Like, they can portray it for a shoot, but they can’t actually do it in real life.

      He looks great. I’m surprised to hear he’s the first to do it over 30? I wonder why?

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        well, maybe the girlfriends of the other guys don’t want their man showing all their goods at that stage of life.. xD

    • Ronniefer

      Holy shit this is a blessing! 💕🌸

    • airodrigues

      He’s not a very good model (to be nice) and had no connection whatsoever with his partner. Boring and weird photoshoot.

    • merollup

      Yokocho is hot! But sorry Yoko, your image to me is always dorky XDDD besides, nothing beats the sexiest Anan Cover by Issei Takahashi. You guys should check it if you haven’t!!!

    • Nidia Artha

      i just knew this side of yoko… the yoko i knew all these times is the cute and hilarious one… but he looks so hot here OMG YOKOOOOOO!!

    • Ichiberry

      I love Yoko but this is super awkward lmao