BiS manager suspends leader Pour Lui over failure to lose weight

Idol group BiS manager Junnosuke Watanabe has announced that BiS leader Pour Lui has been suspended from the group over repeated failures to meet a target weight of 42 kilograms.

Pour Lui took part in a five-month weight loss program overseen by personal training gym RIZAP, on top of all of her activities with BiS.

Before starting, she weighed 51.5 kilograms with a body fat percentage of 30.7%, and on the final day she weighed 44.6kg with a body fat percentage of 21%. Although Pour Lui lost fat and gained muscle mass in its place, the result wasn’t good enough for Watanabe, who made the decision to suspend her from all upcoming BiS activities, including their crucial one-man live “IDOL is DEAD” at Akasaka BLITZ in October.

Watanabe defended his decision on Twitter:

If I didn’t keep my promises, what would happen?
Think about it.
I gave her time.

That’s all.

Watanabe has refused to refund tickets to “IDOL is DEAD” concert, citing that as BiS would still appear in some form.

A video of Pour Lui’s suspension, in which she is seen crying and hiding her face, has been uploaded to the official BiS YouTube channel to an extremely negative reception from the group’s fans:

A number of commenters expressed concern that this could lead to her developing an eating disorder, something she has previously touched upon in lyrics she wrote for the BiS song “NOT the END“.

Pour Lui has been managed by Junnosuke Watanabe since 2009, first debuting as a solo singer with the song “Kagirareta Toki no Naka de☆“.

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    • AoZora

      That’s cruel…

    • brewingstorm
    • rs34

      isnt 42kg is just so underweight even for her height? that weight is very unhealthy

    • demasta


    • Azura Of Ylisse

      This is so evil.
      I can’t believe they not only publicised this decision, but they even put it up on YouTube.
      That’s body shaming to extreme degrees.
      How awful :(
      I hope she’s OK… :(

    • Dalooshe

      I can’t even bring myself to click on the video for how horrible this is. Screw your promises if they have life threatening and psychologically disturbing consequences.

    • shilpa

      Really unfair😠

    • Nika Jer

      What’s wrong with this world??

    • ChaiChai

      What the… she already looks so thin in that video, how is she considered overweight?!

    • surfboardt

      … Not only is it fucked up, but the fact that BiS has a song that literally addresses eating disorders makes it off-brand. Says a lot about the manager both as a manager and a human being.

    • yacchaitai

      So they’re punishing her for gaining too much muscle weight in the process? They want idols to be so frail, thin and weak it’s disgusting.

    • DHInc

      This is just disgusting (by the manager) and grossly negligent.

    • light

      Poor girl, the fuck is wrong with him??

    • Stitch0r

      I want to punch the manager in his dumb face

    • starlightshimmers

      It’s horrible, but she signed up for it, if she didn’t like it, she can always leave the group.

      If anything Pour Lui is insane for even agreeing to do this.

      If I was in a similar situation I would’ve noped out of there immediately.

    • Rika

      I hope this pathetic excuse for a human being gets some serious backlash now! What a shit person to even upload this video to humiliate her further. I’m not a fan, but I’m so mad now. Hope this lowlife does not have a daughter. The amount of weight she lost is huge, and she even built up muscles (the bodyfat percentage shows that) Like, obviously they just wanted her to get fragile, not fit.
      I only klicked on the video to see the like – dislike ratio, and was not disappointed. Maybe he should get suspended for not catering to the market’s needs? (obviously sucks as a manager)

      (OT In general I find the obsession with overly-thin idols so disturbing. I mean, how many comments do we daily read about how this or that guy/girl has a fat face, looks chubby or has thick thighs, while most of them are still below normal weight even) I wonder if these commenters use the same standards on themselves? I have some Kpop fans on my FB and jeez they were head over heels about how *forgotnameofthetohoshinkiguy* lost all his muscles because now he looks so skinny – not to mention that most of said FB-commenters are barely normal weighted themselves.)

    • Hermione48fan

      Woow whoever teached public relationships to this guy knows nothing, what the hell is wrong with him.

    • l3012

      This is fucked up…

      Here’s the song about E.D if you are interested in listen it.

    • Codi

      This isn’t supposed to be a part of an act, is it? I know they’re supposed to be a little bit more edgy and dramatic of a group from what I understand.
      1) if it is, wow this is dumb and I don’t understand modern art
      2) if it isn’t, wow, that guy can f off.

    • maguro part deux

      It’s a publicity stunt. Does anyone think she won’t be reinstated and make a triumphant return at their big show?

      • M

        Ehh. Weight is a big thing with underground idol groups. Before they became popular Momoclo did weight loss trials which made the Leader become pretty much anorexic, and the stress made her give up the Leader position to the center girl. A lot of other underground idol groups do weight trials as well where they reward girls with the “best” weights.

    • This is terrible and anyone who tries to defends this is terrible. Poor girl.

    • Orenji

      42kg is about 93lb. Unless she is very very short, that is not a healthy weight. wtf

    • AkaneHaga

      make news with funny moment

    • SnowDrop

      What an absolute dick!
      42kg is severely underweight for anyone but a young child. Honestly, fans want to see happy, healthy idols not suffering and skeletal. Also, if this really is just a publicity stunt it’s a really shitty one because they’re just shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Um

      Wasn’t this girl a singer and formed this group herself? It’s so sad she put aside a solo career to be follow a dream and be subjected to this.

    • anons

      What the fuck is that video?? They want to commodify human rights abuse now???

    • SlyMoonFox

      Wtf. Just leave her alone. I’m pretty sure fans would rather have her in a healthy weight than underweight.

    • Miyagusuku

      i guess keeping that promise was more important to him than being a decent human being. jokes how he can even write some BS to back up his behavior. As if the world would end if petty promises were not kept, some people just don’t know how to prioritize values. ‘what would happen if i didn’t keep my promises’? how about absolutely nothing.

    • O

      This is seriously just wrong.

      Does anyone else remember when Momoiro Clover had that public weigh-in event and the girl with the highest weight ended up developing an eating disorder afterwards?

      There’s no excuse or defense for this. The manager is just in the wrong.

    • O

      Wait, I just looked into BiS and Pour Yui a bit more. Is it possible that this could be some kind of social commentary/performance piece thing? Like they’re knowingly satirizing idol culture?

      • hhhh

        They were famous for that kind of thing when they started, but I feel like they would never have done something like this – her reaction in the video isn’t that of someone who’s playing a prank, she really believes she’s getting suspended from her own group. The fact she’s already lost all this weight is what makes it worse – even if the manager isn’t serious, he’s still caused her to risk her health over it.

      • hasawa

        Knowing “Pour Lui” means ‘For Him’ in French, I can totally see the sarcastic irony regarding idol culture in it…

    • Hello

      Does anyone know what her height is?

      • O4TLOG

        155cm or 5ft exactly, she’s 27yo.

    • lovehello


      That man should be arrested for abuse of Pour Lui’s body and mental state

      Who the hell makes a promise to themselves that they will force an adult woman to become paper thin??? And then dares to upload her crying to youtube as if to shame her?? He is clearly sick

    • King of the Kats

      “Diet or Die” “IDOL is DEAD”
      This guy is sick as fuck.
      His treatment for girl(s) shoud be on court.

      • hhhh

        “IDOL is DEAD” is a reference to this famous song:

        “DiET or DiE” is really sick, though.

        • King of the Kats

          I know the Punk is Dead reference – thought in my eyes ‘Idol is dead’ looks more creepier in the context that manager is showing through his actions towards Lui.

    • trufax

      What the /fuck/?

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    • O4TLOG

      She’s 27yo and 155cm or 5ft exactly.

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    • Mahoumaiwa

      People who think 42kg is underweight should stop smashing themselves with hamburgers

    • nope

      everyone got taken for a was a stunt and lui was in on it.