Arrest of former AKB48 manager reveals illicit footage of members

According to weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun, it has come to light that former AKB48 manager Takashi Nodera (38) stashed hours of compromising footage of members of the popular Idol group in varying states of undress taken during his time with the company.

The inappropriate materials in question were taken over 2009 and 2010 during the filming of “The Show Must Go On,” a documentary showing the inner workings of a group of girls on their rise to becoming their most popular pop band in the nation.

After leaving AKB48’s management company in 2010, Nodera was arrested for sexual assault of an elementary school girl and was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

In the investigation of his crime, police found 75 individual films totaling 15 hours of AKB48 members showering, changing and using the bathroom while working on locations like the AKB48 Theater, PV and CM shoots, hotels as well as the dressing room of NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. Additionally, 200 still images were revealed to be on Nodera’s hard drive.

Taken without their permission, the equipment was concealed in inconspicuous places as well as cigarette lighters and pens producing an uneasy voyeuristic quality (pictured above).

Shukan Bunshun reached out to AKS and were unable to receive a comment.

Source: TokyoReporter, Shukan Bunshun

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    • Rob Whetzel

      That’s scary

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      creepy. not surprising. satoshi kon would be all on that shit if he were alive today.

      • Gease

        wait what do you mean he would be all over that? Does that have to do with Perfect Blue or something?

    • shonya.atmos

      Eewwwww….fucking creeper.

      This guy gives all perverts a bad name.

      • merkypie

        And being a pervert is a good thing?

        • shonya.atmos

          Depends on your definition.

          • Guest

            A person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.

            Idk, if paedophiles and abusive voyeurs can be put in the same category as “acceptable perverts”, you might want to come up with a better term for the acceptable ones.

            • shonya.atmos

              See: Rhetoric.

        • Aura Shiozaki

          It depends on how much control over your perversity you have if it’s no control then it’s a terrible thing. If it’s complete control then it’s fine.

      • Aura Shiozaki

        I second that.

    • mochichan

      Scalp the fcker and dragged him. The girls shouldn’t have to deal with this from people they’re suppose to trust. Many staff members take good care of the girls and case like this can make the girls wary about people they work with.

    • Phantom S

      hopefully no footage has been nor ever be uploaded in the internet and the viewing of the contents will be limited to few people and few files only. all of them should be sealed and if possible deleted after being used as prosecution materials.
      hopefully internally the 48G is also stricter with their staff. they should definitely buy some security technology tools that can disturb unwanted recording devices in small space.

    • remusat

      Only 16 months for sexually assaulting an elementary schooler? What the fuck, Japan?

      • Cherry

        Agree. This guy (and all other child molesters) needs to stay in prison for life.

      • Penny Proud

        Pedo’s hardly serve any time all over the world. :(

        • Seekaii

          For the most part people hate child molesters so they do serve time and get ostracized from society. Now if the person were say a grown woman the story would change. For some reason people are more lenient to people who molest adults which makes no damn sense to me

          • isanta

            That’s twisted :(

      • starlightshimmers

        Japan has one of the harshest and most cruel prison and judicial systems in the world with one of the highest conviction rates (it is about 99%). You really shouldn’t be saying such things.

    • weezy

      Disgusting but not surprising. :(

    • Karusuke

      Wow just creepy. Hopefully there isn’t no leak of the videos on the internet.
      And as far as this creep goes he should have gotten more time.

    • eplizo

      Not surprised. There’s too many creeps in the industry.

    • yourcoffeesucks

      Disgusting excuse for a human being. He should have gotten way more time for his assault. I hope akb and all their groups make better precautions for the safety of the girls.

    • Ais

      Heh. I remember during Morning Musume’s era, there was someone who recorded the girls in washrooms. To fully solidy what happened, their next single’s PV had scenes of them dancing and singing in a washroom LOL

      • holygoat

        That video was actually a “fuck you” to the guy who was trying to blackmail the group’s production company with the bathroom videos. Absolutely brilliant response.

    • Ja’Crispy

      It’s moments like these I wish these kind of groups didn’t exist. I mean, it’s entertaining and liked by many, but I worry about the girls. I’m not even a fan, but I’m scared for them. I’ll never agree with the concept of these types of idol groups, but there’s nothing I could (or should) ever do about it, so please just keep these young ladies safe, and fix yourself, Japan. Please, for the dignity of females.

      • blacknezumi

        I think this can be said for all entertainment around the world.

        • Ja’Crispy

          not all

          • blacknezumi

            Well, times have changed my friend. Entertainment is now all about sexual exploitation one way or another and it slowly getting worse. Yes, all entertainment around the world is bad. You might not hear or see the bad side of it because it not made out to the public but it still there.

            • Ja’Crispy

              Geez… It sounds like you’ve completely lost your faith in humanity. All I’m saying is that if you’re going to be that generalizing, you can at least be more specific. Entertainment is now all about sexual exploitation in what? The music industry? Female idol groups (in particular)? Then I would’ve admitted that you have a point. But no, you said “all entertainment” without acknowledging the true meaning of the word and the many types and forms of it.

              Because when I’m walking my dog, listening to my music, dancing, watching tv shows I find to be interesting, reading, rock climbing, exploring nature, eating out, attending various ceremonies, simply relaxing at home, or playing video games, I’m not thinking about anyone being sexually exploited. I’m just entertaining myself with the entertainment I enjoy.

              Sex sells. It has always been a part of certain entertainment (it didn’t just appear out of thin air) and it always will. But there are public entertainment, live entertainment, child entertainment, corporate entertainment, and adult entertainment. Whichever a person decides to indulge in is up to them. They’ll never be limited to sexual ent. ever. Exploiting young woman and the underage is just something i’ll never approve of nor be interested in.

              • blacknezumi

                I’ve never lost faith in humanity just entertainment industry. I’m talking about exploitation of both male and female idol groups. I see that everyone is bashing on female idol groups for their exploitation but rarely male idol groups. I felt bad for the males since no one ever care to talk about them being exploited. For example, just look at Johnny & Associates. They are like female version of AKB48.
                Also, you can compared akb48 and Johnny & Associates to American Disney stars.

                • Ja’Crispy

                  Because male idols primarily attracts people (females in particular) near their own age. AKB48 attracts perverted older men, young girls who are being influenced poorly, and others of course.
                  The only reason I hate AKB48 and their other groups is because of their fanbase. If the majority of the fans were around the age of the girls in it, no one would have anything bad to say.
                  Disney is for a child’s enjoyment. That’s pretty much it. If a child star from Disney wants to go off and do something stupid after disney, that’s on them. It’s doesn’t belong in this topic.

                  • blacknezumi

                    lol and females are not perverted? About Johnny I’m talking about them being sexual abused and they gone to court for that. They have to paid 1.2 million yen for the allegations of sexual exploitation.

                    You have never heard of Disney child star being sexual assault while working in Disney. Also, haven’t you notice that they turn to sex symbol after being Disney.

                    who said akb48 only attracts older pervert men?

                    Here is the chart taking on a music programs taking in 2011 about the popularity among males and females. Also, there are pictures of female fans. You being very close minded about AKB48 right now. Majority of the fans I’ve met were females.

                    • Ja’Crispy

                      Okay, let me work on this mess…

                      “females are not perverted?”
                      Did I say they were or weren’t?

                      “About Johnny I’m talking about them being sexual abused and they gone to court for that.”
                      Umm… The only thing I recall is Johnny himself being alleged of committing some type of sexual assault. I believe that was a minute ago. If that’s not what you’re talking about then… haven’t heard of it.

                      “You have never heard of Disney child star being sexual assault while working in Disney.”

                      “Also, haven’t you notice that they turn to sex symbol after being Disney.”
                      The ones who want to stay relevant move on to do whatever they like. It doesn’t have to be a “sex symbol”. But if you want to be seen as a mature adult and not “that cute little Disney star”, it might be their motive to get away from that. What they do on Disney has nothing to do with what they move on to do.

                      “who said akb48 only attracts older pervert men?”
                      I don’t know, I sure didn’t.

                      “Also, there are pictures of female fans.”
                      Yeah thanks for carefully picking out the “young girls who are being influenced poorly” as I mentioned before, before you said “who said akb48 only attracts older pervert men?”. Yeah, I didn’t say that.

                      “You being very close minded about AKB48 right now.”
                      Am I? So seeing the truth is now called being closed minded these days? Aren’t you the one who keeps accusing me of saying things I didn’t say?

                      “Majority of the fans I’ve met were females.”
                      Umm… good for you?

                      “Also, not to mention they have female stage only performance on certain day.”
                      That’s cute.

                      Well, my job is pretty much done here. I already got you to stop misusing the word “entertainment”. I should’ve stopped there, but I decided to waste my time and energy for some reason. It’s been a pleasure disputing with you. Well… slightly. I’m sure you’ll defend yourself after this gets posted, but please do excuse me if I don’t respond because this conversation is getting nowhere. If you get creative enough with your following post to draw me back into this useless debate, then I shall be back. Au revoir!


      • Seekaii

        I totally agree. I’m a 19 year old female and I get a little uncomfortable watching the girls lift their petticoats or dancing in lingerie like the exploitation of these girls needs to stop, but sadly it won’t. They’re making too much money from the pedophile’s dream

        • Kayla Sharpe

          Which videos of AKB48 are you watching that shows them lifting up their petticoats and actually dancing in lingerie? Heavy Rotation is the only PV where the girls wear lingerie, the live performances have them in nice costumes. Same goes for their summer singles, they dance in bikinis but not in their live performances. There are other songs and PVs that do not showcase the girls in provocative outfits, and I just wish that non-fans will one day realize that.

          • Seekaii

            Nogi46 did the petticoat thing. But you can’t deny that 48 bands– most idol bands today in general– make $$$ off of young cuteness with an underlying sexuality.

          • Saph Rose

            so, it’s fine the promote the sexualization of young girls as long as it’s not done too often? are you hearing yourself?

          • KawaiiDesuKen

            Heavy rotation shows them in lingerie

          • BannaCreamPieBukkake

            Nvm you covered that up already

        • Jagan

          Young lass, I wonder if you know what the word pedophile means. 19 y/o is pretty much college age, I expect you to have a knowledge how to use internet or read encyclopedia well.

          paedophile based on that document classified as an act toward pre-pubescence children. At what age girls reach puberty? You’re the girl so I guess you already know the answer. I’m not really sure of what age the group members is, but I don’t think there’s anyone younger than 14 there (correct me if I wrong, but with source please).

          • Seekaii

            You don’t have to be a patronizing dickhead but okay let’s play. Some of those girls are my age and older yes but some are as young as 13 and you have a keyboard so you can check Wikipedia yourself. Instead of arguing the word “pedophile” why don’t you focus on the fact that girls as young as 13 are being exploited and sexualized? A 13 year old in Japan is in middle school so they are still in the tween age depending on how you look at it. That’s like a Disney channel star being sexualized. It’s gross. Sorry. Try to dance around it.

            • Jagan

              I’m arguing about “pedophile” because the term itself refer to their sexual interest toward underaged. Idol in other hand highlighting more on youthfulness rather than sexual attribute (much like how highschool baseball league differs from pro league and has their own fan, again it’s highlighting on their youthfulness). Youthfulness that usually marketed as reckless, passionate, and persistent got a lot of fans on the strict society like japan (got this from documentary show, I’ve never live in Japan so please correct me if it actually wrong). Japanese people generally shy away when stranger just greet them, but in the concert they wouldn’t mind showing their passion, shouting and cheering with all their might.
              And how about exploited and sexualized? Do you see them singing and dancing as sexualized? Is it because they targetting opposites gender (opposites sex if you prefer so)? What do you think about male fans shouting passionately over young male idol? Personally I find it damn creepy so it’ll make more sense to market it to opposites gender.

              • isanta

                The term “pedophile” has been used as the sum up of the sexual assault on young people. I know that it’s just a specific category of the youngests being hurt, but my main question is – so what? If we put the right word which will describe specifically around 14-17 y.o. what does it change? Does it make the molester less guilty or the society less f*cked up? Nope. That’s just the word. And every woman matures the different way, so one can be mother at the age of 16 while I at the age of 20 still felt like a kid. But for you at this age I should actually do… what? Dance in bikini like a sexbomb just because… what? What are even arguing about bringing the growing up topic up? You’re bringing up nonsense just in order to say anything.

                • Seekaii

                  +1 Seriously. I don’t think this person knows what they’re talking about.

              • Seekaii

                You must be new to the idol scene lol. Even Japanese people don’t deny that idol groups are sexualized. Do you read what you’re saying? Not sure what you mean but a grown ass adult watching high schoolers play sports is a little shady these days if they aren’t connected to a kid who goes there like a parent or a family member. These idols come out with photo books which are essentially pin up books and some of those girls who release them are in their teen age.
                Now you just revealed that you literally have no idea what you’re talking about and trying to justify absolutely nothing. You said above they aren’t sexualized then you say that it’s okay as long as they’re female? What the fuck is wrong with you?

    • light


    • Guest

      He got 16 months while that little girl will forever have to cope with the consequences of his actions. Now these girls will always be looking over their shoulders, feeling unsafe and exposed in their workplace.

    • Seekaii

      This is disgusting but sadly I’m not surprised. This is a group that makes money off of it’s pedophiliac nature. It’s only a matter of time before someone takes it too far and does some sick shit like this.

      • Jagan

        Yup, “pedophiliac”. It’s generally classified as mental illness, not a norm of nature you might think about. Except if you think everyone have mental illness, that’s a different story.

        • Seekaii

          I think psychologists have debunked the whole pedophilia as a “mental illness” but I could be wrong.

    • yamakita

      His only crime was that he didn’t pay for it.

    • Nick5x

      For the record, “Pedophile” is the synonymous with “child molester”. Don’t get me wrong. I’m with your guys. Fck this guy for assaulting an elementary schooler. 16 months is not enough time for that type of crime. All the same, being a pedo is like being gay. It’s something you’re born with (according to the vast majority of those I’ve talked to and my own knowledge), so please try to remember that in the future. Also, I’m not saying this guy ISN’T a pedophile. I’m just saying a large majority of rapists and child molesters do it for the sake of feeling in control or some sick power trip on people weaker than they are, so it’s most often not the case. (I’m going to get sht for this post, aren’t I? …Yeah…)

      • Saph Rose

        you are splitting hairs that do NOT need to be split. get a fucking grip. look at what you’re defending. oh, i’m sorry, clarifying the difference of. that makes it sound better, right? in the way not calling a poor sufferer of pedophilia a pervert and a child molester makes them feel better? look at your choices, seriously. god damn.

        • Nick5x

          Suffering? I love being a pedo, dude. Some guys like big breasts, other like older women, but I have a different outlook. I’m not suffering at all… though I’m not admitting anything out in the open to people I know. So tell me… what exactly are you even on about? You seem to be saying that making a clear difference between two very different things is bad because… you didn’t even make a point. “Look at your choices”? The choices seem to be “lump a group of people that have done nothing wrong into instant rapists” and “don’t judge someone based on their sexual preferences”. Damn, you’re right. Hard choices, those.

          • PoppyLein

            you’re a pedho? how old are you?

            • Nick5x

              29. Been one all my life, though. Mostly enjoy looking at lolicon, though not exclusively.

      • isanta

        But even if they are all the same thing, things they cause are different. Gay people just look for other people to love the same way as straight people, while rapists and pedophiles hurt other people. And as you say, they were born this way, so there is no way to change them, yet they cannot live together with the rest society, so technically speaking there is no use in temporary sentences for them.

        • Nick5x

          But your thinking is inherently wrong. You assume that gays and pedos are only interested in sex with the person they fancy, as if there was no other possible way someone could have a connection with another person that “SHOVE YOUR DCK IN IT”. Most pedos don’t really care about actually having sex with a child because they know the damage that can, both mentally and physically. It’s often more about sharing a symbiotic, nurturing experience with each other. That’s not to say there isn’t an arousal from this situation, but it’s not really on the same physical level as people seem to think. Your way of thinking is hurting people way more than my desire to “Ryuuguu Reina” a cute little girl. (It’s a Higurashi reference… and I mean the cutesy Reina, not the cleaver Reina.)

          • Aura Shiozaki

            good reference and good show.

            • Nick5x

              Just bought the VN on Steam. Playing it whenever I have time.

      • b

        you are disgusting scum and deserve to die. there is nothing fucking okay with sexualizing children and you are as bad as any person that has personally sexually abused a child in book. your interest in “lolicon” is absolutely 100% supporting the sexual abuse of children (no it not involving real children and only drawings doesnt make it okay). people like you are the reason child porn and the sexual abuse of every single child taken advantage of to make those images exists (just like the kids in akb48 who were taken advantage of by this man).

        and FUCK YOU you massive homophobe your repulsive sexual interest in children is nothing like being gay, sincerely an actual fucking GAY person.

        seriously i hope you, akb48’s former manager and all people like you die and suffer lots of pain doing it because you deserve no better

        • Nick5x

          Late fucking reply, dude. It’s okay, though. I understand what it’s like to be confused and ignorant about what it means to be a pedophile just like you are now. Just remember that you can still grow as a human being if you TRY.

          While you do that, I’ll be looking at lolis.

          Let me know when you’ve learned your lesson and I’ll forgive you <3

    • Payuyu Fortyeight

      That’s some sick shit wtf although i’m not surprised, i feel so sorry for the girls. Now the members will probably doubt the people they work with, including female staff (gender equality erbody) fuck that guy up hope he gets arrested again and this time for life!

      • Aura Shiozaki

        He’ll most likely die in prison. Even inmates won’t tolerate that.

    • ent

      sexually assulted elementary school kid only gets 16months prison, uploading copyright stuff 10 years prison. Very Cool Japan.

    • That’s disgusting.

    • kale

      He should already get a harsher sentence for the sexual assault alone… But so many of the girls in AKB are teenagers. Does he seriously not have anything that qualifies as child porn? Maybe they will press new charges following these discoveries…

      • Aura Shiozaki

        child porn was legal back then in Japan I think. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)