1st gen Nogizaka46 member Rina Ikoma announces graduation

It has been announced that Nogizaka46 member Rina Ikoma will be graduating from the group, the short announcement was just shared on the official Nogizaka46 website. This is a little bittersweet for fans, considering that their 20th single was just announced. Ikoma will be participating in the upcoming single.

A specific date for her graduation has not been announced yet, it will be determined once details for future schedules are more concrete. The staff thanked fans for their continued support, and asked to continually support Ikoma until her graduation.

Ikoma made her debut in June, 2011 when she was announced as one of the 1st generation members of Nogizaka46. Always one of the more popular members, she was known for liking to playfully harass her group-mates by pulling pranks on them.

She was included in the Senbatsu for every single Nogizaka46 single, and she made idol history by being the very first Nogizaka46 member to appear in an AKB48 single (not counting Kennin positions), when she appeared in their 38th single Kibouteki Refrain as a Senbatsu member.

(via nogi46.net)

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    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      Any reason why they started pushing her back from the center positions?

      • starkkid

        Her results in handshake events are bad, and Nogizaka decides their centers based on the member’s performance in handshake events. Also, fans of the group kinda hate her for doing the concurrent position in AKB.

      • Karen Caiza

        I think because all the hate she was receiving, when she was in akb, also becasue she was center of the first 5th singles of nogi, and I read that she was losing fans? and the results in handshakes were bad.
        (I’m new nogi46 fan, so I just know that, sorry if I’m wrong)

      • There is a documentary about Nogizaka46 I watched on Netflix Japan. Literally, what you see there is her breaking down due to the pressure. Not just the hate, but also the pressure of being the center right when the group was debuting as AKB48’s official rivals.

        She was telling all the time that she felt she wasn’t cut to be the center.

      • shirogane

        She wasn’t one of the more popular members in the beginning, a lot of fans hated how she centered for the first 5 when they were promised rotating centers. She also didn’t suit the ojousama image nogi was cultivating so they eventually moved her down. Ikoma is actually more suited for cooler songs so she would have fitted Keyakizaka much more.

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          Ikoma was so good as the center for Silent Majority for that one collab performance. She was also perfect for Seifuku no Mannequin. She really does suit the cooler songs well.

          • shirogane

            Yeah that one collab was great, really too bad that Nogi went off to a different direction.

    • Mei

      Ikoma-chan’s first AKB single was Kokoro no Placard where she ranked 14th which came out before Kibouteki Refrain

    • bailey darbii

      i remember her as the original center, no? so sad to see her losing support but she made money now enjoy it.

    • guest

      Aw, I was hoping she’d be in the Sailor Moon musical :(

    • Good luck!

    • AkaneHaga

      right time

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    • Bobson Dugnutt

      Noooo Ikoma chan TT I will miss her

    • Jessica

      Nooooo Ikoma… I will miss her in Nogi :(

    • shirogane

      Nogi keep losing their best players.

    • Litmus paper

      I’m sad.. Maimai.. Nanamin.. Himetan.. Now Ikoma.. It’s ha739 comic all over again..