Perfume Tops LINE’s Female Idol Group Popularity Survey

LINE recently asked its users who is their favorite female idol group. The response was enormous, with 568,344 users responding, during the week of July 20 – 28. This ranking shows an overall count, but also breaks down the results based on gender and age.

It should come as no surprise that Perfume reigns supreme, followed by Nogizaka46 and Momoiro Clover Z. Male respondents favored Nogizaka46, while their female counterparts were more into Perfume.

Check out the full results below!

Overall Ranking

1. Perfume: 9.82%

2. Nogizaka46: 8.75%

3. Momoiro Clover Z: 8.03%

4. E-girls: 6.86%

5. AKB48: 4.7%

6. Keyakizaka46: 4.56%

7. TWICE: 2.11%

8. BABYMETAL: 1.61%

9. Morning Musume. ’17: 1.56%

10. 1.26%

Male Ranking

1. Nogizaka46: 12.78%

2. Momoiro Clover Z: 8.8%

3. Perfume: 8.55%

4. E-girls: 6.42%

5. AKB48: 5.96%

6. Keyakizaka46: 5.6%

7. BABYMETAL: 2.47%

8. 1.89%

9. NMB48: 1.63%

10. Morning Musume. ’17: 1.62%

Female Ranking

1. Perfume: 10.88%

2. Momoiro Clover Z: 7.38%

3. E-girls: 7.22%

4. Nogizaka46: 5.39%

5. Keyakizaka46: 3.69%

6. AKB48: 3.66%

7. TWICE: 2.56%

8. Morning Musume. ’17: 1.52%

9. BABYMETAL: 0.89%

10. 0.74%

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    • surfboardt


      • yacchaitai

        THEY ARE!!!

        • surfboardt


      • King Hide

        also “IS LDH 48 AN IDOL GROUP”

        • surfboardt

          BUT IDOLS CANT DANCE!!!1!11111! THEY ARE TRUE ARTISTS!!!111!11

          • King Hide


      • 888

        They are. End of story.

      • Welp

        BABYMETAL, as well

      • Jurippe

        I thought they’re allowed to date though! D:

        • Wow

          They are, but you don’t see them pulling an Ayu and being public with their relationship. Even A-chan who’s 28 now is still hiding her relationship. It’s not like if one of them gets into a dating scandal she could be fired.

          • Jurippe

            I know, I saw the Noochi dating rumours too. I suppose with the way they’re marketed, the aspect I consider “idol” is the fact that they can’t have a life. Seeing that the members of Perfume seem to live outside the gilded cage, makes them far less “idol” in my eyes.

            • starlightshimmers

              They’re managed like regular artists, which is a good thing. The idol aspect is their commercial endorsements.

    • Wow

      Morning Musume really needs to be promoted more…..

      • MM Fan

        At least they’re finally releasing a new single… after 7 MONTHS. 😒

    • I thought AKB and their sister groups would dominate this kind of poll but I guess not.

      • Nah, never. They are very popular (well some of the groups at least), but still they are for a kinda limited audience, while Perfume can also reach people who dislike or are uninterested in idols in general.

        Also, it is so great to see that E-Girls managed to beat pretty much all the 46/48 groups!

      • Kanjo Maru

        Nogizaka has been more popular since 2015 but because AKB still sells better most people aren’t really aware. There’s a reason why Nogi’s sistergroup from 2015 was given the star treatment from day 1 while the 2015 48 group are basically underground.

      • AkaneHaga

        you guys so wrong abt this
        many akb fans turn their back after SS disaster
        leaving fans in islands w/ bad weather because greedy management
        unlucky event
        many still waiting for compensation to travel agent that work 2gether w/ management

        but yes basicly nogi is better now

        • Kanjo Maru

          The Sousenkyo wasn’t close to a turning point. For years now they’ve been failing to sell out stadiums/domes and any moderately large venue that wasn’t for an event like an election or janken

          • AkaneHaga

            but hey, watch their ticket sell in theater 1:67 is not a joke for regulary show even today

        • Up

          What SS disaster? Bad event on an island? When was this? Sorry not that familiar with what’s happening with 48/46

    • Diego

      Wow! Nogizaka46 has already surpassed AKB48 in terms of popularity and even Keyakizaka46, who deduted one year ago, is very close to them. This is what happens when all popular members are gone and they release cheesy boring singles. No trace of other 48 groups too, I guess general public is not interesented on them at all.

    • Nikki ok

      thought keyakizaka was more popular because they actually do solid nice music

      • Wow

        Keyakizaka is being marketed as if they were popular with teens but they’re more in line with subculture wota who are in their early 20s.

        • Nikki ok

          oh okay, didn’t know that

      • flp48

        >solid nice music


        • Nikki ok


        • Up

          They do have great music since debut tho compared to the other 48/46 top selling singles

          • flp48


            • Up

              So to you other 48/46 have better single songs? Example?

    • Jurippe

      Surprised they’re still the most popular. Their production has fallen off since Level 3. At least from what I can recall.

      • l3012

        I think it has to come with their music being easier to listen, and their images as trendy young women. Not the kind of trendy that fades away, for example, their hairstyles aren’t flamboyant, but they never look out of fashion (I got into them back in 2006 and since then I always loved Kashiyuka’s thick bangs and long, dark hair).

      • hasawa

        Fair enough, Level3 was an okay album that got somehow overhyped after COSMIC EXPLORER release which has been in some aspects quite a lackluster (even though I love it and find it superior to Level3). Some visual material of CE era was pretty interesting and ambitious (“Pick me Up” and “Flash” MVs) but it didn’t live up some weak ass releases (“Hold my hand” “Sweet Refrain” and lowkey “STARLIGHT”), so people tend to bitch about it and say that L3 was actually the last good Perfume album (while some other say it’s ‘TRIANGLE’…), which is pretty unfair imo.

        • Jurippe

          I really liked Level 3, had a lot more of the electric beats I was looking for. I actually like it more than Triangle, though the few songs I do like on their old albums I like far more than any favourites I have on Level 3. It’s a strange dichotomy. However, my caveat is that I felt the drop off was probably more from a Western popularity standard. I know they release stuff fairly regularly, but I rarely hear any hype nowadays.

    • Looking at these charts, what does the youth like if not idols?

    • l3012

      Where is the TWICE stan when it’s needed? (although not surprised that teenage girls are into them); also unsurprising that 48G has ranked lower than 46G – both Keyakizaka and Nogizaka have more polished looks and music, and are friendlier with general audiences who aren’t much or not at all into idols.

      There are still girls that I like in the 48 groups but truth is that they need to step up and offer something fresher, and what happened in Okinawa months ago did not contribute to build up a serious image.

      • Up

        I love that 48 is low while Keyaki is rising. I find their image and songs empowering

        What happened in Okinawa?

    • I’m sorry but they don’t seem like idols to me! YEP I’M THAT PERSON.

      • Up

        What makes you think they (perfume?) aren’t idols?

        • I guess, for one, there’s no ‘dating ban’ that I know of. That’s a usual thing for female idols, right? And then, they do more overseas stuff that isn’t just Asia? Like Europe and US. And then maybe because they are ‘sleek’ rather than ‘super cute’. This is just what I think. I’ve never really heard them say what they are.

    • Lailah

      Confirms what I already suspected, Nogi more popular than Akb, and Keyaki will probably catch up soon.

    • Perfum tops in shop

    • WorldGN18

      Happy to see Momusu in there!! H!P really needs to level up their game, because Momusu has the potential to be higher, and Angerme should be there as well

    • MomoHirai

      Slay Twice. Lets go for that Number 6 or 5 spot in the upcoming years.

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