INKT Announces Break Up

Announced earlier this week, rock band INKT has disbanded.

The group’s hiatus and disbandment decision comes after frontman Koki Tanaka was arrested for suspected marijuana possession. Despite ultimately¬†not being prosecuted for the charges against him, for months the future of the group was left up in the air and fans were left unsure what would happen with the group.

Their affiliated office Natural Ace Corporation commented as follows:

As of September 1, 2017, INKT has broken up.
This was not an easy decision. We members and staff met again and again, and in the end, we reached this consensus and made the decision.
We are sorry for this announcement after keeping you all waiting for so long.
W’ere thankful to the fans that have supported us, the staff for their cooperation, and are grateful to the bandmates.
Even though the band was only active for a short amount of time, but we are extremely grateful.
For fanclub members, we will send you a notice regarding repayment of membership fees at a later date.
Please continue to support mACKAz, Kei, SASSY, and KOKI from now on.

Natural Ace Corporation

INKT was formed in 2014 following the contract termination of former KATTUN member Tanaka from Johnny & Associates in 2013. Within their three years together, they released two original albums and two mini albums.

(via INKT’s official website)