Arama! Japan’s Top 10 Most Commented On Posts for 2016

2016 is gone, and what a year it was for Arama! Japan! We had many popular posts over the past year, but which ones received the most comments?

The post with the most comments from 2016 was “Disbandment of SMAP Confirmed!” with 355 comments. Next was “Blind Item: 17-year-old pregnant after orgy with “super popular” idols?” with 352 comments. And rounding out the top 3 is “Utada Hikaru Is the Least Interesting Thing about ‘Fantôme'” with 341 comments. It should be noted that these are now Arama! Japan’s 3 most commented on posts, garnering more comments than our former most commented on post, the 319 comments of 2014’s “Tourists upset over Arashi concert; call it ‘psychological torture’, ‘awful'”.

Check out the rest of 2016’s top 10 below!

1. Disbandment of SMAP Confirmed!: 355 comments

2. Blind Item: 17-year-old pregnant after orgy with “super popular” idols?: 352 comments

3. Utada Hikaru Is the Least Interesting Thing about “Fantôme”: 341 comments

4. Is Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun Involved with a JAV Actress?: 301 comments

5. Has SMAP Disbanded?: 239 comments

6. Which Johnny & Associates members have the most sex appeal?: 216 comments

7. Gesu no Kiwami Otome. / indigo la End’s Kawatani Enon Is Secretly Married and Having Affair with Becky: 208 comments

8. Former KAT-TUN member, Taguchi Junnosuke to release solo Single!: 208 comments

9. LDH Revealed to Use Bribery to Win Japan Record Awards: 176 comments

10. Utada Hikaru, Kinki Kids, Arashi, and more announced for Kohaku Uta Gassen: 166 comments

Note: Some of the articles may have a different number of comments on the article itself, but this ranking was done by looking at the total comments on the admin panel.

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    • tegopisu

      These numbers are so low in comparison with aramatheydidnt’s glory days – when one Akanishi Jin post could get thousands of comments. Oh well. Even Akanishi Jin gets old. We would have to wait for Kikuchi Fuma to do something outrageous to top Jin.

      Still, great job, Arama mods for posting A+ content. I always love finding about new artists to stan.

      • neen peen


      • RudeAgustD

        And I would also add up Nino’s Sexual powerhouse scandal, still phresh in my corrupt mind, I’ll never forget, those old Arama glorious days.

      • You know the only reason I’m here is because I still have Akanishi Jin on a google alert just in case he does something stupid and completely scandal worthy again. Ha. So thanks for pinging me to this post. So sad the old glory days are done.

    • HyperMoot .

      darn, my fave is not the winner

    • HyperMoot .

      “orgy, involved, jav actress, sex appeal, secretely married, affair” well, that’s a rather limited number of keywords for a site which Google presents as “Entertainment and Gossip”. Way to go before full tabloid status. Gambare!

      • Sou

        I’m pretty sure if we check the percentages of posts, those keywords are for less than 20% of the posts (and I believe it’s even less, though don’t know the exact numbers), having much more than tabloid-esque articles. We are not the ones to blame for what readers comment or not comment, as simple as that.

        • aqua88

          Ppl just generally comment more when it involves scandal/tabloids.

        • HyperMoot .

          ” Blind Item: 17-year-old pregnant after orgy with “super popular” idols?:” I’m all flustered now. Is that the title of an article or some reader’s comment?

          • Sou

            How would have you titled that article?

            • HyperMoot .

              That’s not the point, I would have left that to Friday and the likes but since you’re an “Entertainment AND Gossip” site, I understand someone posted it. Good clickbait, lots of views and comments. So, 80% entertainment and 20% gossip then. Therefore, once again, way to go, gambare!
              To be honest (if that makes sense here) I’m not interested in such “topics” and hopefully I don’t run this site. Btw, since when my opinion matters? You were supposed not to feed the troll, remember? ;)

              • Sou

                Personally I’m not that much into gossip either, but it was a hot topic in 2ch and plenty of other sites, and the number of comments it gained reflected that it was also relevant to our readers. If we hadn’t posted it, we would have surely received several “omg, arama fails AGAIN to report this huge scandal, omg so slow” comments.
                And yes, I was way too quick to assume you were a troll, though your behaviour there didn’t leave me much room, so I sincerely apologize for treating you in that manner. In plenty of other posts I’ve seen your comments and your opinion is as valuable as any other!

                • HyperMoot .

                  if memory served you right you would then remember that my very first comments at ‘that time’ surely reflected discontent but they were polite and unlike others I refrained from insulting Ronald, things went sour and bitter after. And talking about trolls, fake accounts and guests, I remember that several members of the staff found their participation way funnier and much more valuable than mine. I’m not complaining just observing. This is the Internet and this place is an open bar, so. Apologies neither accepted nor rejected, they’re not needed.

                • Sup

                  It was hot topic. Ryan actually asked in another post if we wanted it and i said “why not?. Let’s live a little”. Tbh, I don’t mind the gossips. That’s the what made aramadidnt fun back in the days

        • Kanjo Maru

          Less than 1%, they just have a lot to talk about because they’re debatable and unique

          • Sup

            True. Arama’s strength are the comments section so debatable articles will gain the most interest.

    • Reileen

      “Former KAT-TUN member, Taguchi Junnosuke to release solo Single!: 208 comments”

      Did anyone who commented on this actually checked out Taguchi’s single?

      • TruthSpeaker

        I checked and found it average. The backing vocals were so powerful that taguchi’s voice appeared feeble in comparison.

    • suezu

      jun got the top 5 <3

    • hasawa

      l’m still not over how the Fantôme article got so many comments just because people got deadass butthurt over a ‘negative’ album review… lmao

      • honey girl

        *down votes*

      • HyperMoot .

        Just like the author of the so-called “review”, you’re being dishonest (words matter, I’m not saying you ARE but just you’re BEING). A lot of people including non-hikki fans just couldn’t understand the full scale onslaught on Utada Hikaru, others like me did not appreciate being called blind stans and other niceties just because they saw Fantôme as a very valuable album. Deadass Butthurt is also such a poor expression to look down on other people’s emotions when it comes to feelings about music, I belong to that category of people that believe music is strongly related to emotion and vibes out and from the heart. But well, if that makes you feel good, happy or superior, fine.

        Hypermoot Lmao Butthurt aka Stupid Blind Stan (from Uganda)

        • hasawa

          The question is: why care so much about the opinion of some random dude on the web tho? Your ‘feelings’ about this album are pretty much as valid as him so i really don’t understand why so many ppl felt so attacked by some bad album review, esp when so many other sites raved about this album….
          Also it’s not about looking down Hikki stans or feeling superior (come ooon, it’s just fucking OPINIONS lol) it’s just that i found many ppl overracted (calling the article’s author “cancer”) and when i see the nature of my post’s replies here i guess ppl not over it as well lol

          • HyperMoot .

            1) “are “dishonest” Obviously you chose no to read! I’m not a native speaker but I do believe there’s a huge difference between “you are” and “you’re being”.

            2) “i really don’t understand why so many ppl felt so attacked by some bad album review ” that’s not the point and you know it. I for one read Ronald’s review in the JTimes and his article here right from the start. He is of course entitled not to like it. It’s his innuendos and disrespectful attacks agaisnt her that triggered most of the backlash. Of course fans don’t know her personally but as a public figure I do feel she’s always been genuine and she didn’t deserve that. Is that so hard to understand?

            3) “many of us have seen their faves being trashed on this website too but we never made such a fuss…” good point but I’m gonna tell you this, why trash artists unless their behaviour or public attitude clearly show disrespect towards the public or/and society? I for one dislike most boys bands but I will refrain from posting stupid troll comments about others’ tastes and feelings. That’s the fuckin’ net culture that has been ruining the web for nearly two decades

            4) I don’t feel concerned with the “cancer” comments. I certainly used a lot of sarcasm and irony, I’ve not behaved in a gentle way, this is absolutely true, but I never used insults.

            And finally, no, Ronald is not some “random dude”, he’s one of the most active staff member of Arama and he also works for the JTimes, therefore he does have some clout, the ordinary fans don’t. Politicians can at least be kicked out via the ballot box when people are not happy with them. ‘Media people’ think they’re over the crowd.

            • hasawa

              Again: people are taking all of this too seriously… Comparing a music journalist to Politicians….really?? lol They just have like…a WHOLE different impact on ppl’s life! xDD We can kick them out pretty much like we can stop reading websites/articles of journalists we don’t like. But for both their power/influence resides in the importance WE allow them to have…
              The difference between if i’m ‘being dishonest’ or if i ‘AM dishonest’ is absolutely not the problem: in the end it’s just an album someone didn’t like while (many) others did. He voiced his opinion like MANY other websites did, but somehow ppl got mad at him because of ‘reasons’. In the end of the day everyone would keep on with their life, but somehow ppl took it personally (some of them starting a vendetta against this contributor…..). Pretty much like you did with my ‘cancer’ comment which was more an example to show the extent of extra dramatic-ness some ppl have gone about this affair. Those crazy stans revealed themselves on many occasions and are still lurking on here, but by the way i can level-headely confront opinions with you, i definitively know your not one of them so don’t worry! ;-) lol
              Beisdes, I definitively agree with you on your 3rd point: this is the internet and many trolls consider this space as free pass to attack ppl over simple opinions and ruining everything (i mean, crazy stans got deadass mad at me because i found the cover of Fantôme ugly lmao) “Trashing” artists is a matter of interpreation tho ; while i’m all for ppl being more civil on the web as we interact DIRECTLY with each other, Hikki is probably never going to find out about this article and her album has been a commercal success so eventually it’s all good, right? xD

              • Sup

                “we can kick them out pretty much like we can stop reading websites/articles of journalists we don’t like. (but for both their power/influence resides within the importance WE allow them to have)”
                Interesting. Do you know that aramajapan is pretty much the #1 news source for Japanese entertainment? No other newsblog regularly comes up with weekly / monthly music reviews or rankings. Their views have influence. WE allow them to have this much clout so WE can also criticized or loudly disagree to their views. Hikki might never know Ronald’s piece on her ever existed but we the readers do.

                • hasawa

                  There’s a whole world between voicing disagremment (i do it everyday on this website lol) and bashing a whole website and dissing a contributor like so many ppl did with Ronald (as i said “we can stop reading websites/articles of journalists we don’t like”).
                  It’s not a matter of being #1 or not ; if all the ppl who love to say how much they hate this website would stop coming this place wouldn’t be #1 anymore and they would actually get what they want: a place where contributors with “cancerous opinions’ won’t be able to voice their opnion anymore. Of course that’s absolutely not what i want as i like Arama a lot but i never understood ppl bashing the content of this website but never actually did anything to improve it, like applying to be a contributor for example

                  • Whoop there it is~

                  • Sup

                    if all the ppl who love saying how much they hate this website would stop coming, this place would still lose its relevance and they would actually get what they want

                    The people who complained relentlessly are only a handful but those who enjoy most of what posted on this site remains to be a huge majority. So do you think numerically their absence will effect the site’s relevance? Really?

                    • hasawa

                      Hence my second point : they just can stop coming here then. Nothing stops those bitching because some ‘popular website is spreading opinion they don’t like’ from creating another platform to concur this one and make some balance within the opinion poll. Although, if this website/contributor was as bad these ppl claim to be it wouldn’t be as popular/influencial as it is now…

                      • Sup

                        And you think those haters new site would get as much clout as aramajapan has now? Or they would be willing to work with aramajapan’s team? That’s unrealistic.

                      • hasawa

                        I’m not saying it will be easy (“unrealistic” is a bit too harsch imo tho) but many times challengers ended surpassing leaders on the long run (insatisfaction is a great driving force you know?). You shoud not take (Arama) success for granted ;-)
                        Plus, it would always be more productive than bitching non stop, it would make haters busy instead of regularly ruining the comment section on here. But i guess it’s much more easy and enjoyable for them to stay and keep on hatin’…

                      • Sup

                        In which part of my comments made it as though I was taking arama’s success for granted?
                        I’ve said it before, the comment section is arama’s strength. so while i abhor harrassment on the contributors, I don’t really mind the “bitching” on articles that offends.

                      • HyperMoot .

                        um, I would agree with most of what you said provided I believed that some of the articles that are published here -the notorious review being just one among others- weren’t made just to trigger an avalanche of comments, attract a max of people (fans, stans, trolls, passers-by) to get views, hence a better position with search engines. Sup (previously Xo?) is right, Arama is now the #1 reference for Jpop in the English language. Just type a few names in the Google search bar, Arama’s posts come in the top 5 or 10 anytime and in recent months it went up and up. Not judging or complaining just observing.

                      • hasawa

                        Where did i say Arama was not a leader of JE broadcasting though…? (tbh i’m pretty glad it is btw as this site is one of my favorite)

          • HyperMoot .

            “Your ‘feelings’ about this album are pretty much as valid as his” really? Obviously we don’t handle realities the same way. Google Utada Hikaru and see if that ‘review’ has the same weight/clout/impact as any other comment/opinion/viewpoint whether they come from level-headed non-hikki fans like Case or stupid blind stans like me.

      • Sup

        That’s stretching the truth. It’s not the negative review that people were against but the personal attack on Utada. As someone who’s not an utada fan, liked only about half of the album, Ronald’s review on arama was badly written and his last line was obnoxious.

        • hasawa

          Even if i don’t agree with you, i get your point.
          That being said, it was really funny to see ppl defending Hikki over the author’s alleged “personal attack”, while telling him how his article was ‘cancer’ and how a shitty person he was…. It was the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Sup

            I personally didn’t say that about ronald in that comment section nor did i condone it. Fyi, when moot were going off on ronald’s every article he wrote, i was the one who told him to stop.
            Most have legit criticism on Ronald’s writing and the way he focused/blamed hikki’s personal life in his review for the sake of being informal (ikr?wtf). Only a couple were being extra in the comments as Ronald were in his “review”.

    • Historia Lenz

      LMAO at Jun’s scandal getting into top 5 days before the year ended…

    • Brett

      These numbers are sadder than 2NE1’s Japanese sales tbfh.