Aiba Masaki, Kei Nishikori, & Suzu Hirose are the CM Kings/Queen for 1st Half of 2017

Nihon Monitor has released their celebrity ranking for the most CM deals of 2017 thus far. Last year, Arashi member Aiba Masaki came in first place for the third year in a row, tying with professional tennis player Kei Nishikori. Actress Yo Yoshida came in first place for the female category. The full ranking for last year can be seen here.

It looks like this might be Aiba’s 4th year in a row with the CM King title! A few of Aiba’s high profile CM deals include Mercedes Benz, Japan Airlines, and Kirin Beer. Also coming in first place is Kei Nishikori. The tennis player made history by becoming the only male Japanese tennis player ever to be ranked within the top 10 in singles competition. Naturally, this milestone caused Kei to become a sensation in the Japanese sports world. Kei has appeared in CMs for Land Rover, Jaguar, Japan Airlines, and UNIQLO.

For the female category actress Suzu Hirose came in fist place. At only 19 years old Suzu is poised to become Japan’s next top actress, last year she came in 2nd place working with 12 companies. This year she has already surpassed that by working with 14. Some of the companies Suzu has appeared in CMs for include Shiseido, Square Enix, Softbank Mobile, and Universal Studios Japan.

The full ranking can be seen below.

The results are based on the following survey:

No. of companies that appointed each talent and has appeared in TV CMs.
Study period: January 1- June 30, 2016
Target station: NTV / TV Asahi / TBS / TV Tokyo / Fuji TV

Male Category

1. 10 CMs

Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
Kei Nishikori

2. 9 CMs

Jun Matsumoto (Arashi)
Kenichi Endo

3. 8 CMs

Sho Sakurai (Arashi)
Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi)

4. 7 CMs

Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO)
Masaki Suda
Kento Yamazaki
Toori Matsuzaka
Hidetoshi Nishijima

Female Category

1. 14 CMs

Suzu Hirose

2. 10 CMs

Yo Yoshida
Aya Ueto
Mitsuki Takahata
Kasumi Arimura
Haruka Ayase

3. 9 CMs

Aoi Miyazaki

4. 8 CMs

Satomi Ishihara
Haruna Kawaguchi
Riho Yoshioka
Yui Aragaki
Emi Takei
Mirei Kiritani

5. 7 CMs

Matsuko Deluxe
Masami Nagasawa
Nozomi Sasaki
Keiko Kitagawa
Kyoko Fukada
Mizuki Yamamoto
Tsubasa Honda

(via Nihon Monitor)

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    • BAD KID

      umm can someone explain suzu to me

      i remember her topping lists for most hated female celebrity a few years ago cause of some dumbass thing she said. i don’t watch dramas but from what i’ve seen most people seem to think her acting is mediocre at best.

      but she keeps getting all these roles and cm deals …?????

      • AoZora

        Even I dont get that.. Some say she is very popular.. And every popular people get a pool of haters as well.. Regarding her talent,the least spoken the better… For me,she is a over pushed and overrated actress,…

        • Many things cant be explained tbh. Like for an example, why Yo Yoshida is second is a mystery to me as well. I’m not saying she didnt deserve it but what she did this year or last year to be the top lol

          • AoZora

            I don’t understand haru’s case either.. I never found her charming nor her acting top class…
            I am not following her hence don’t know about the work she did this year…

            • Free

              Haru was an asadora ace, beloved by the older crowd and she has a clean image. You might not find her charming but others and especially influential Japanese crowd do (those with buying power). She’s in high demand and her acting schedule is packed. This year cms are based on previous years performance (sekamuzu, the detective show with yoko, etc). This year she has the underground hit drama last season starring along side Higashide as an adulterous wife and she’s starring in Border2 next.

      • aaa

        Her agency is big enough to make her gets many CM role. <–This is the main point.

        I think she has very cute face and have charisma on camera, but her acting is mediocre at best. She's being know for look rather than her talent.

      • PigeonPop

        She’s good when the situation calls for it–Rage being the prime example. Suzu’s by far the most bankable actress in her age group despite the hate as well; netizens have started to realize this and their attitude towards her is changing now (there’s a MinusKakugo thread that reflects this for those who are interested).

    • AoZora

      I want to know what decides the number of CM’s a celebrity gets.,,, Is it popularity or their mighty agencies or the celebrity’s fees..

      • Free

        Its based on the endorsement company preference & the talent’s industry reputation (professionalism, attitude, bankability, fans buying their products out of loyalty, etc). For example Jun has had his avpee scandal but companies still sticking with him as their endorsers.

      • PigeonPop

        A combination of all three pretty much. I see Burning is already being pointed out in regards to Suzu which is true, but are conveniently forgetting that literally everyone else on the list are the recipient of a jimusho push themselves save for Nishikori and Ichiro.

        • AoZora

          I can completely understand nishikori’s case… Very deserving…

        • Free

          Well Burning has their dirty fingers in a lot of companies, I can’t tell which one doesn’t have their stamp on it. wonder if they’re behind Yoshida Yo’s case too. Wrecking my brain for significant gig she had done but can’t think of any.

          The other company with influence is JnA and they’re pretty visible. Not sure why akimoto can’t breakthrough the cm market though.

          • PigeonPop

            A lack of interest and personal gain/profit at this point, perhaps? I’m sure Akimoto can easily pull a few (more) strings if he really wanted to, at least with the 46es.

            • Free

              A good point about personal gain. With cms usually the talents themselves will get a huge chunk of the pay, management not so much.

            • aaa

              Not really, Aki-P relies on JE influence(probably Ijima not Mary) to get the prime time slot for the girl during AKB-peak era. Some Kami-7 has Burning as their back up. That’s help them getting many deals.
              Burning has more influence than JE. The head of Burning is known for the Don of Japanese Entertainment Industry. If any talent has problem with JE, the only one way to get rid of JE influence that’s going to affect their career is move to any agencies that relate to Burning. Ex. Go Hiromi
              From the list above, Nishikori totally deserve those and I have no question why he got so many CM deals compare to other people on the lists. Hope he can win the grand slam in the future.

              • Urara Kasugano

                what’s burning?

    • Karen Caiza

      oh Ohno is the only Arashi member that isnt on the list :O

    • Despite all the popularity, no AKB member or their sister groups on the list?

      • Most of their popularity is fandom-driven. And the individual members aren’t as well known. The AKB brand is the real star, not the girls.

        • Even Sashihara who is supposed to be good at variety and all over the TV? I just find it interesting.

          • PigeonPop

            It’s a bit different for Johnny’s, but variety and CMs tend to not overlap as you can probably tell from this list which is dominated by actresses. Pre-scandal Becky was one of the few who was able to succeed in both.

            • Free

              Rola & Matsuko Deluxe too.

          • actually Sasshi’s schedule is so booked that she prefer to appear on variety alone. I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t appeal to companies and their endorsement.

            • Free

              That’s an excuse that doesn’t make sense at all. CMs shoots takes the least amount of times compared to varieties but with the most amount of pay. Please don’t say she’s in the industry not for the money.

    • Owari Konoyono

      “ZENBUDETATO?” is deep meaningful?
      “CHARUMENYAAAA” is so cute!
      Companies should have more such CMs played by her.

    • Quick Comment

      Can you please spell check this post? Nasaki and Ninyomiya are two of the standouts and were probably done on purpose, but it’s still stupid and needs to be fixed.

      • ?????

        Lmao why would it be done on purpose…………….

        • Quick Comment

          I assumed it might be a part of the cat game. Where you say nya and stuff, and see how long it goes without being noticed. I could be wrong.

    • Skai

      Oh no!
      (But seriously, poor Ohno bring the only Arashi member not ranked)

    • yamakita

      The revenge of Aiba. Take that, Sho.

      • Free

        ?? Revenge? Are they competing?
        According to the article this is Aiba’s 4th year in a row winning the title.

        • yamakita

          Just rumor has it that Sho used to put Aiba down. Actually, everyone else in Arashi was not nice to Aiba and that was why he was the first one to venture out and hosted that pet show.

          • Aibae

            LOL where did you read these bullshit rumors? And YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVED IT XD. Wtf man. So gullible XD.
            The usual dirt on Sho is his cold relationship/history with Jun post Gokusen but never with the others. That and his temper pre debut and early Arashi days, mostly directed at jrs and fans who crossed the lines. Those were rumors that have some “evidence”.

            Aiba is not the first one to so call venture out to co-host Shimura Daibutsu and he did it not because he was bullied and belittled by the others. This is not a kpop girl group with secret bullying scandal lol.
            They adore Aiba to bits and used his “make it to the top” pledge from his 24hr tv confession letter as their starting point to their fame.

            • yamakita

              Hence “rumor has it.” You are the dumbass who took me seriously.

              • Aibae

                It’s a rumor with no basis, no one would believe it. I just had to have a good laugh first.
                This is the first time I heard such a ridiculous thing, I feel the need to ask and satisfy your trolling. Seriously though, where did you read these stuff. I’m always at gchan, maikaku, etc and never came across this “gem”.

                • yamakita

                  Try google.

    • yamakita

      I find Yoshida Yo amazingly beautiful. Nakajima has good taste.

    • nope no no no