Yuya Tegoshi holds YouTube press conference, clears up rumors on why he left NEWS and Johnny’s
NEWS in 2003

Tegoshi directly responded to rumors that he had an issue with Hideaki Takizawa, he said that he’s thankful for everything Takizawa has done and would like to meet with him if possible. He said that since Takizawa himself used a be a talent, it’s likely that he understands where Tegoshi is coming from.

He was also very thankful to the now deceased Johnny Kitagawa and Julie Kitagawa, Tegoshi admitted that he was quite rebellious in Johnny’s but those two helped protect him. If given the opportunity he would also like to meet Julie so he can properly thank her.

As for future plans Tegoshi still isn’t sure on a specific career path, he doesn’t plan on being a full-time YouTuber, he just wants to use it as a platform to further showcase the real him. He plans on creating a Weibo account for Chinese fans, and also possibly joining Instagram.

Teyoshi would like to support things “made in Japan”, and help spread Japanese culture all around the world. He also mentioned hoping to reach out to fans in anglo territories such as the United States, and has already had meetings with people from the US via Zoom.

Check out Tegoshi’s full YouTube press conference by clicking here (video can’t be embed). After the conference concluded, Tegoshi uploaded a video to Twitter thanking everyone for viewing.

(via @ReiganEventine, Nikkan Sports 1 / 2 / 3, Livedoor)

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