Yukie Nakama opens an official blog

Veteran actress and former idol Yukie Nakama has opened her very own blog! This is the very first official social media for the actress. Her blog will be hosted on the popular service Ameba.

Her first post was a simple introduction, greeting everyone to her blog. She shared that she wanted to create a blog so she should share personal details on upcoming projects, and little tidbits from her personal life. Her manager and various other staff will be helping out occasionally with the blog too.

So far she’s only posted pictures of nature, but fans are very curious if she’ll share any details on her babies. Back in June 2018 she gave birth to twin baby boys. Check out her blog here.

In 2019 she slowly started activities again by appearing in a CM, anticipation is high for her next acting role. Meanwhile, her husband Tetsushi Tanaka will be starring in the upcoming film “Shinbun Kisha” with Tori Matsuzaka and South Korean actress Shim Eun-Kyung.