Yasushi Akimoto to Produce “2D + 3D” Idol Group

On October 16, it has been revealed that Yasushi Akimoto will be producing a new idol group consisting of eight 2D characters designed by eight different creators.  Each member will be voiced by real-world (3D) female voice actors.

The creators involved include Masayoshi Tanaka, the character designer for the popular animated movie “Kimi no Na wa.”, and Yukiko Horiguchi, known for “K-On!” Besides the characters’ names and their silhouettes, details of each still remain a mystery.

The characters’ voice actors will be decided through an audition that will begin tomorrow, October 17.  The final judgement will be made on December 24.  The group name as well as their schedule of activities are yet to be determined, but those involved in the project has stated a CD debut and an animation work are planned.  As of now, this new group will not be related to 48G nor Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46’s “sakamichi (sloped street) series”.

This project has been in talks since 2 years ago, and a staff team for it was created last year.  The group will be formed in partnership with Sony Music Records and Aniplex.

Akimoto commented, “If idols of the 80s are our image of the term, idols of today who have been popularized through the internet are closer to everyday reality.  Since this is the case, the project came about from wanting to create fictional idols. ‘What if there were idols who looked a certain way? What if there were idols who say certain things and cause certain scandals?’ Alongside the amazing character designers, I hope to produce idols of a new generation that is only possible in a fictional world.”