What is Freedom? Give your answer and appear on nano’s “Freedom Is Yours” MV

nano is looking for fans all around the world willing to appear on the music video for the upcoming song “Freedom Is Yours”, which is going to be released on July 13th along nano’s new album “nano’s REMIXES”. The theme for the MV is “Freedom Is 〇〇”, so you are asked to complete the sentence and give to the word “Freedom” your own personal meaning! If you are willing to participate, keep reading after the jump for all the necessary info!

You have to choose between two options to participate on the “Freedom Is Yours” MV: you can write “Freedom is ________” filling in the blank with your own ideas on a board or standard letter-size paper and take a photo of yourself holding it, with your face visible in the photograph; or take a picture of an “item” that carries the meaning of “freedom” for you (refrain from photographing items that may belong to brands or copyright law such as character and logos). You may apply alone or with a group for both categories.

Once you have chosen your category, you are asked to post the picture on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #Freedom_Is, so staff members can find them easily. This is extremely important, as it’s the only way for participants to “send” the picture to nano’s staff. Another key factor is the privacy of your account: your applying post must be specifically made public if your SNS account is set to private.

You can send your pictures from now on up until June 24th. If your photo gets chosen, your SNS ID and avatar will be used and visible to the public too. Are you going to try and see if you can be part of the MV? If you are not interested in participating, why don’t you share with us your personal meaning of Freedom? Tell us in the comments just below!

Check nano’s official site for more information