Watch the trailer for Kiko Mizuhara & Honami Sato’s Netflix film “Ride or Die”

A trailer has been released for the upcoming Netflix film titled “Ride or Die“, starring top model Kiko Mizuhara and actress Honami Sato.

The film follows Rei (Kiko Mizuhara) who was born in a very affluent family. She has lived the typical good life with loving parents who are able to provide for her. One day she is contacted by her high school friend Nanae (Honami Sato) and meet for the first time in 10 years. Rei always had romantic feelings for Nanae but kept it a secret.

Upon meeting Rei is shocked by Nanae’s appearance, she is covered in bruises from constant physical abuse by her husband. Terrified of her husband, Nanae and Rei plot to take care of him for good.

“Ride or Die” is based off of the manga series “Gunjo” by Ching Nakamura which had a run from 2007 – 2012. It will be released globally on Netflix on April 15th, 2021.