Versailles Makes a Comeback With an Announcement of a New Album

The Visual Kei band Versailles announced that they are planning to release their fifth album, titled LINEAGE ~Bara no Mitsuei~ (translated as “descendant of the roses”), on February 14th. The five-member band, which is fronted by vocalist KAMIJO, hasn’t released an album for almost four-and-a-half years since the release of their self-titled album in 2012.

This long-awaited album will be released on the same day as  Versailles’ Budokan live.

Take a look at the tracklist as well as the member’s comments below the cut! You can also hear snippets of each track within the videos.

(Warning: It’s a bit video heavy.)

Track 01: La Musique


Track 02: Shadows Fang


Track 03: Inheritance


Track 04: A Day Without You


Track 05: Lineage


Track 06: Marionette


Sources: Album’s Offical Site / natalie

I remember when I first saw Versailles. They were performing at a Washington DC area anime convention called Anime USA while promoting their debut album. There wasn’t a lot of people attending the concert as I remember the room being like 3/4 empty. However, they became somewhat popular internationally  over the years.  Though, I might be wrong.

I just regret selling my signed copy of their debut album as their music is laudable.