Umika Kawashima graduates from Meiji University

Believe it or not, actress and 9nine member Umika Kawashima is already 22 years old and she has just graduated from Faculty of Arts and Letters of Meiji University last week. has posted her pictures in a beautiful red furisode kimono with golden flower ornaments in which she attended the graduation ceremony held at the Budokan stadium on 22nd March.

I’m sad when I’m thinking my life as a student is ending. I have met wonderful friends and cherish the time we spent together. On the other hand I’m proud I’ve managed to collect all credits and finish my education in 4 years. ” Kawashima said in the interview straight after the ceremony.

She admits that studying and keeping up with her job was not easy: “I attended classes, then moved to locations in the evenings… I panicked when I couldn’t take the exams with everybody. Before the exams I was so stressed out, I couldn’t focus on work.” It seems that the last 4 years were stressful both on her educational and professional life. “Never give up on your goals!” – the actress sent this positive message to her followers.

Now she would like to make use of her knowledge and obtained skills in her professional life. Perhaps as a news-caster.

Congratulations to Umika Kawashima and all other graduates!