What Should Be Expected at the 67th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen?

One of the big questions is whether SMAP appear on the show one last time. They are breaking up on the day of the show, but will they appear? It’s been said that NHK Director-General Momii Katsuto is personally involved in negotiations to get them on the show.

And what about “Toto Nee-chan”, NHK’s asadora for most of this year? What role will that show play in this year’s Kohaka Uta Gassen? Will Takahata Mitsuki, the drama’s star, moderate the Red Team? Will Utada Hikaru, the singer of the drama’s theme song, finally make her debut on the show?

Speaking of pop icons, will Namie Amuro return to the show after 13 years, seeing as how her song was the theme song for NHK’s coverage of this year’s Olympics?

Will pushing by Johnny & Associates result in KinKi Kids finally debuting on Kohaku Uta Gassen? Will there also be a “Johnny’s Matsuri” to show the company’s unity in light of the drama surrounding SMAP’s demise?

It’s pretty obvious to everyone that Gesu no Kiwami Otome. will not be returning to the show this year in light of Kawatani Enon’s scandals. Also don’t expect to see Masahiko Kondo, Miki Imai, Rebecca, X JAPAN, or BUMP OF CHICKEN returning this year.

And when should we expect announcements in regards to the performers, host, and moderators? Looking back over the years, the host and moderators announcement could come this week:

2015: November 26 (Thursday)
2014: October 10 (Friday)
2013: October 18 (Friday)
2012: October 16 (Tuesday)
2011: October 19 (Wednesday)

Last year’s host and moderators announcement was postponed because NHK wanted to announce it the same day as the performers announcement. And when should be expect that announcement? Late November, as usual:

2015: November 26 (Thursday)
2014: November 26 (Wednesday)
2013: November 25 (Monday)
2012: November 26 (Wednesday)
2011: November 30 (Wednesday)
2010: November 24 (Wednesday)
2009: November 23 (Monday)


This is all speculation, but we should definitely know what’s really real come December 1 at the latest.




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