Tokyo Jihen, Hey! Say! JUMP, Ken Hirai, and More Perform on “MUSIC STATION” for May 14

This week’s guests were Hey! Say! JUMP, Ishizaki Huwie, TWICE, Hentai Shinshi Club, Tokyo Jihen, and Ken Hirai.

Hey! Say! JUMP – Negative Fighter

Ishizaki Huwie – Ayame

TWICE – Kura Kura

Hentai Shinshi Club – YOKAZE

Tokyo Jihen – Ryokushu

Ken Hirai – 1995

Watch here

Next week:

Awesome City Club – Matataki

Ozawa Kenji – El Fuego

ØMI – Colorblind

King & Prince – Magic Touch

Ken Yokoyama – 4wheels 9lives

DISH// – No.1

Harami-chan Viewer Request Medley

LiSA – Another Great Day!!