Rola inducted into the Nail Queen hall of fame

Rola is the latest celebrity to be inducted into the highly coveted Nail Queen hall of fame, joining the ranks of Ayumi Hamasaki and Kyoko Fukada. The 17th annual “Nail Queen 2014” awards was recently held in Tokyo where Rola, and other celebrity nail enthusiasts were honored.

This year Rola won in the “talent” category for the third time in a row, earning a spot in the hall of fame. Now that she’s been inducted into the hall of fame Rola is no longer eligible to receive Nail Queen awards in the future, a similar rule is implemented at the “Best Jeanist” awards. Rola was beyond ecstatic with her win, and was especially proud of  her nails that day. She chose a rather simple, yet elegant design for the award ceremony coordinating the design perfectly with her dress.

“If you have amazing nails, you will definitely be in a good mood”, stated Rola.  “Thinking of new designs is so amazing and fun!”

Besides Rola the other celebrities who received a trophy were:

Actress Category: Mirei Kiritani  

Model Category: Youn-a

Artist Category: May J.

Men’s Division: Matsuya Onoe

Sports Divsion: Miki Ando

Special Award: Naomi Kawashima

(via modelpress)