MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2015 -THE PARTY!!- Live Stream and Chat

A few weeks ago, the winners of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards Japan were announced. The second part of the awards takes place in a few hours! On November 26 at 7 PM JST, MTV VMAJ -THE PARTY!!- takes place. The highlight of the show is the awarding of Best Video of the Year. The show is hosted by VERBAL from m-flo. Several of the award winners will be appearing on the show, including AK-69, Beat Buddy Boi, DOBERMAN INFINITY, Daichi Miura, Team Syachihoko, and Sandaime J Soul Brothers. Winners of the Best Japan Act award for the MTV Europe Music Awards,, will also be attending. Several other celebrities will be attending as well, including Crystal Kay. The DJs for the night are DJ DARUMA & JOMMY and TJO.

The show will be streaming live on Nico Nico starting at 6:50 PM JST. We here at Arama! Japan will also be opening our TinyChat room for the night in case anyone wants to watch the show in the company of fellow readers. Links to the show and the chat are after the jump!


Video goes live at 6:50 PM JST on November 26, with the show starting at 7 PM JST


Come chat with us!