Mariya Takeuchi to Make Her Kohaku Uta Gassen Debut

On December 31, the 70th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen will air. The performers have already been announced, but there has been an addition: Mariya Takeuchi. In fact, this performance will be her first on Kohaku.

On this year’s Kohaku, Mariya will perform her 2012 single “Inochi no Uta.” The song is a self-cover. The original version of “Inochi no Uta”, which Mariya wrote, was released by Mana Kana in 2009 and served as the theme song for the 2009 NHK asadora “Dandan.”

“Inochi no Uta” has attracted attention during the past decade since its release. Its lyrics that speak to the joy of life and the bonds between family and friends were included in a textbook on morals that was published this spring. It’s also a staple at weddings and graduations. It’s truly a song that connects generations.

Mariya’s decision to finally perform on Kohaku after decades of success ties into her 40th anniversary. As part of her anniversary celebration, NHK aired a special on her, “Music & Life.” Her positive experience making this special made her want to make an appearance on Kohaku.