King & Prince, Sexy Zone, KOH+, and More Perform on “CDTV Live! Live!” for September 5

This week’s episode was a two hour special. This week’s guests were King & Prince, Sexy Zone, Kep1er, KOH+, Porno Graffitti, Mori Nana, and Creepy Nuts.

King & Prince – ichiban

Sexy Zone – Trust Me, Trust You.

Kep1er – Wing Wing

KOH+ – KISS Shite / Hitotsuboshi / Saiai

Porno Graffitti – Saudade / Zombies are standing out

King & Prince – TraceTrace

Mori Nana – Smile

Creepy Nuts – Daten / Nobishiro

Watch here

The next episode is October 3. It’s a two hour special and guests are TBA.