Kanjani8 to collaborate and jam with other artists in new music variety show “KanJAM”

It was announced that “Kanjani8 no Shiwake Eight” variety show will be airing its final episode on March 21 (Saturday, 8:54pm). In turn, Kanjani8 will be hosting a a new music variety program “KanJAM Kanzen Moeru SHOW”, which will start airing in Spring (Sunday, 11:15pm) on TV Asahi.

In the new program, with the stage setting of a live and talk house in Roppongi, Kanjani8 will have a one night jam session and talk with guest artists, to also fully demonstrate their ability as a band. The show will feature two different sets of artists from different generations, one from the 80-90s period and one from the “younger” generation. They’ll create a unique arrangement for one of the guest’s popular songs.

In addition, there will be a corner where professional musicians will be choosing their JPOP TOP5, such as lyricists choosing their top 5 lyrics, guitarists choosing the best guitar solos, and mixers choosing the singers with the most vocal power.

The members will take turns in interviewing their guest artists about their music, life, work, and feelings behind lyrics and present it to others in front of the guest. By drawing the unknown charm of the artists, Kanjani8 is also expected to meet new possibilities.

Yasuda Shota (main guitar) excitedly says “The first step is show more people that Kanjani8 also function as a band.” Maruyama Ryuhei (bass) “This time, when I’m playing bass, people will notice if I skip parts or make mistakes (laughs). Even so, I will be facing it and improve my skills.’

Shibutani Subaru (main vocal and guitar) hopes “Regardless of the genre, I would like to do sessions with as many people. I can’t imagine myself what music will be born (laughs), but it will be fun”.

Regarding the guest artists, Yokoyama Yu (percussion) says “I want to talk about their attitude towards their music and the source of their motivations/ aspirations” Tadayoshi Okura (drums) “Because this is the first time for us to collaborate with artists that do not appear on normal variety shows, it is a great stimulus for myself! We want to take advantage of this experience for our future activities”.

“I will continue to do my best with my lousy talking skills”, said Nishikido Ryo (main vocal and guitar). Murakami Shingo (keyboard) had said, “We might destroy the image of Kanjani8, but in a good way. so I look forward.”

(via Oricon, pics)