KanJAM Kanzen Moeru SHOW for June 21

Arama Japan is expanding its music show coverage again. We currently post Music Station, Buzzrhythm, Music Fair, CDTV, Music Japan, Sakigake! Ongaku no Jikan, Premium MelodiX!, and Suiyou Kayousai. We also post NHK SONGS on occasion, as well as various midyear and year-end music specials. We will now be adding KanJAM Kanzen Moeru SHOW to the lineup.

KanJAM Kanzen Moeru SHOW airs on TV Asahi Sunday nights at 11:15 PM – 12:10 AM JST. It is hosted by Kanjani8. It premiered last month. On the show, Kanjani8 collaborates with various musical guests.

This week’s guests were Perfume and Yu Takahashi.

Perfume x Kanjani8 – Nee / Polyrhythm

Yu Takahashi x Kanjani8 –¬†Fukuwarai

Perfume – Pick Me Up


Next week:


Makihara Noriyuki