JUJU, Hiromi Go, and More Perform on “SONGS” for April 22

This episode was a special dedicated to composer Tsutsumi Kyohei, who died last year. He was the best selling composer in Japanese music history, with sales of his compositions exceeding 75.6 million. A tribute album for him is to released this spring. This week’s guests are Hiromi Go (who sung more than 100 of Tsutsumi’s compositions), JUJU (who appears on the tribute album), Saito Yuki, Ikuta Erika, and NOKKO.

Hiromi Go – Hana to Mitsubachi / Hadaka no Venus / Yoroshiku Aishuu

Saito Yuki x Ikuta Erika – Sotsugyou

JUJU – Dramatic Rain

NOKKO – Ningyou

Watch here