INI, WurtS, and 4s4ki Perform on “Buzz Rhythm 02” for January 7

This week’s performers were INI, WurtS, and 4s4ki. There was also a talk segment between the show’s hosts, Harami-chan, and Matsumura Sayuri. They went over a list of the acts that a group of 296 music industry professionals chose as the ones to look out for in 2022. MUSICA Editor-in-Chief Ariizumi Tomoko also provide commentary. The list can be seen below!

INI – Rocketeer

WurtS – Wakattenai yo

4s4ki – Chronicle

Watch here

Kotoshi Kore ga Buzz! BEST 10:

  1. WurtS
  2. INI
  3. Kroi
  4. NEE
  5. Hakubi
  6. PEOPLE 1
  7. PK shampoo
  8. Hitsujibungaku
  9. 4s4ki
  10. Maharajan

Next week:

Johnny’s WEST

Fukuhara Haruka feat. OKAMOTO’S