Daichi Miura Performs on “SONGS” for June 2

This week’s episode featured Daichi Miura. His song “Sansan” serves as the theme song for the current asadora “Chimu Dondon.” In the interview segment of the show, him and host Oizumi Yo discuss the food and music of Okinawa, where the heroine of the drama and Daichi both originate. The heroine of the drama, played by fellow Okinawan Kuroshima Yuina, also appears on the show, as does her co-star Kamishiraishi Moka, and Daichi’s former FOLDER groupmate Mitsushima Hikari.

Daichi Miura – Sansan

Daichi Miura x Kamishiraishi Moka – Tinsagunu Hana

Daichi Miura – Namida Sousou

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