Shun Oguri to star in the Gintama live-action adaptation film

Around last week, rumors of a live-action adaptation film for Hideaki Sorachi‘s hit action/gag manga Gintama began floating on the internet, thanks to Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc who registered the internet domain name under their name. That rumor was proven to be true, as Weekly Shonen Jump announced a Gintama live-action film slated for 2017 in this week’s issue. Additionally, actor Shun Oguri is set to play the titular protagonist, Sakata Gintoki.

No further information about the project has been revealed yet, save for the director/scriptwriter. Yuichi Fukuda will both direct and pen the silver-screen adaptation of the silver-haired samurai. For those who aren’t familiar with the name, Yuichi Fukuda is the not only the director for the live-action Hentai Kamen film franchise, but also for several TV dramas, including the Yuusha Yoshihiko series, Aoi Honoo, and last season’s Mr. Nietzsche in The Convenience Store. All of the aforementioned title are of the comedy genre in the same vein as Gintama (three of them are also adapted from a manga) so devoted fans should be able to relax a bit.

Gintama is an action/gag manga set in an alternate universe feudal Japan where earth is invaded by aliens and interplanetary travel is commonplace. The protagonist, Sakata Gintoki, is an ex-samurai running an establishment called the Yorozuya that accepts any errands for a fee. It had been serializing since 2004 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and is currently on its final arc.

(via AnimeNewsNetwork)