Live-Action “Bleach” Reveals First Scene Teaser Fighting a Hollow

News of the first live-action “Bleach” visual is still getting around, but now Warner Brothers has suddenly dropped a short video teaser!

The short 20-second trailer is mostly title graphics, but also includes footage of the film’s first officially released scene. It shows the main character Ichigo (Sota Fukushi), in a residential area using the Zanpakuto—the sword only a shinigami can use—to fight off a Hollow, a corrupt spirit with supernatural powers that devours the souls of both the living and deceased.

The film is still early in post-production so we only get a glimpse of the Hollow’s hand, as they will be completely CG.

Sota Fukushi commented:

Ichigo’s Zanpakuto (“Soul-Cutter Sword”) is huge, so it took a bit of getting used to. Fighting with a sword was a lot harder than I would have imagined, but in the end I think it resulted in a good action scene. The Hollow, which the director and the CG team created, are making this a large-scale production. Please look forward to the many charming characters, as well as the confrontation between Ichigo and the Hollows.

The film will focus on the “Substitute Shinigami Arc” telling Ichigo’s origin story.

Tthe upcoming live-action film adaptation of “Bleach” will open in Japan next summer.