Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of Sep 26 -27)

Heroine Shikkaku overtook Attack on Titan: End of The World to take the top of the box office chart this week. This is bad news for the Attack on Titan franchise which opened at number 1 last week at half of the first movie’s revenue and admission numbers (AoT End of the World: 237K tickets, 328 million Yen vs Aot Part 1: 460K tickets, 600 million Yen). The movie’s second part saw another  50% drop on its second week on the charts.

Check out the latest ranking below.

Japan Box Office Sep 27 -27
Rank Last Week Movie Weeks
1 2 Heroine Shikkaku 2
2 1 Attack on Titan End of the World 2
3 3 Ant- Man 2
4 4 Unfair: The End 4
5 5 Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda 2
6 6 The Big Bee 3
7 7 Pixels 3
8 8 Ted 2 5
9 9 Jurassic World 8
10 10 Kingsman: The Secret Service 3

Popular shojo manga adaptation Heroine Shikkaku starring Kiritani Mirei took the top spot from Attack on Titan: End of the World. The movie mobilized 196,496 people in the two day weekend and earned 233,825,500 Yen on 268 screens. In 9 days, the movie topped 1 billion yen and is popular among girls in junior and senior high school. Mobilization remained strong with the numbers at 88% of last week’s audience number.

Attack on Titan: End of the World dropped to second place, pulled over 112,487 people and earned 159,287,800 Yen on 427 screens. This is a drop from last week’s mobilization of 237,016 audience and revenue of 327,915,700 Yen. In 9 days, the movie grossed around 1 billion yen. In the same time frame, the first film earned 1.4 billion Yen.

Marvel’s latest movie Ant-man pulled in 96,575 people and earned 137,481,900 Yen, putting it at third place. Rank 4th – 9th place remained unchanged from last week.

(via Eiga ranking)