Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of June 20 – 21)

Love Live! The School Idol Movie ranked number 1 again in weekend admissions, while Mad Max: Fury Road is number 1 in gross. New movie Ai wo Tsumu Hito opens at no. 6 while Ju-on: The Final opens at number 7.

The movie ranking below is based on admissions. Check out the rest of the movies that make up the top 10 below.

Japan Box Office June 20 -21
Rank Last Week Movie Weeks
1 1 Love Live! The School Idol Movie 2
2 New Mad Max: Fury Road 1
3 2 Umimachi Diary 2
4 3 Tomorrowland 3
5 4 Yokokuhan 3
6 New Ai wo Tsumu Hito 1
7 New Ju-on: The Final 1
8 5 Shinjuku Swan 4
9 New Ghost in the Shell New Movie 1
10 8 Biri Gal 8

For the second consecutive week, the new movie version of the TV anime Love Live! The School Idol Movie ranked first in weekend mobilization, with 188,061 in admissions, earning 261,241,140 yen. For a total of 9 days screening, the movie mobilized 560,000 people and topped 800 million yen.

Opening on second place is the the fourth installment of the popular Mad Max series Mad Max: Fury Road. Published in 666 screens, it mobilized 174,807 people during its two-day opening, earning 264,784,500 yen. It finished with a higher gross than Love Live! movie, given its higher average ticket price. It looks forward to a finish of above 1.5 billion yen.

Sato Koichi and Higuchi Kanako co-stars in the new movie Ai wo Tsumu Hito. Published in 244 screens, the movie mobilized 67,490 people and earned 78,126,580 yen, ranking 6th.

The final film of the popular horror series, Ju-on: The Final mobilized 61,023 people over 144 screens, and earned 78,063,400 yen, debuting at the seventh place. There is a narrow margin between Ju-on: The Final and Ai wo Tsumu Hito, although the former is showing in 100 screens less. The mobilization for Ju-on: The Final is mostly centered on a young audience, whether it will reach total of 500 million yen will depend on its weekday performance.

Ghost in the Shell New Movie ranked 9 on its opening. While shown in 107 screens, its average ticket price is higher than Mad Max, Ai Wo Tsumu Hito and Ju-on.

Umimachi Diary remains strong in 3rd place. Tomorrowland reaches 1 billion yen, Shinjuku Swan 1.1 billion yen and Biri Gal 2.6 billion yen.

(via Eiga ranking)