Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of July 25 – 26)

For the second consecutive week, HERO retains the number 1 spot at the box office. The Boy and The Beast also remains at number 2.

The box office ranking this week does not feature any new movie releases. In August, movies to take note of that would rule the summer box office includes ATTACK ON TITAN live action film, Minions, Jurassic World and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Check out the latest ranking below.

Japan Box Office July 25 – 26
Rank Last Week Movie Weeks
1 1 HERO 2
2 2 The Boy and The Beast 3
3 4 Inside Out 2
4 3 Pokemon XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages 2
5 5 Terminator: Genisys 3
6 6 Avengers: Age of Ultron 4
7 7 Love Live! The School Idol Movie 7
8 10 Anpanman: Mija and the Magic Lamp 4
9 8 Shaun the Sheep 4
10 9 Mad Max: Fury Road 6

HERO, which got off to a good start as the no.1 live action film in Japan for the year, topped the box office ranking for the second week. It mobilized 270,605 people people and earned 367,630,200 Yen. It saw a 50% decline from the opening weekend. In total, the movie mobilized 1.45 million people in nine days and earned over 1.9 billion yen.

After the movie release, Kimura Takuya appeared in the media such as in “FNS 27 Hour TV” of FUJI TV, which was broadcast last weekend. It is not for the movie promo, but as a member of SMAP, but it reinforces the appeal of “Kimutaku”.

The Boy and the Beast kept the second place. It mobilized 249,722 people and earned 336,963,100 Yen. In 26 days, the movie mobilized 1.9 million people and topped 2.5 billion Yen. Disney’s Inside Out rose to 3rd from last week’s 4th place. It mobilized 240,181 people and earned 306,026,300 Yen.

Pokemon XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages dropped to 4th place while Love Live! The School Idol Movie maintained the 7th position, topping 2 billion yen. Anpanman: Mija and the Magic Lamp rose to 8th place and earned over 300 million yen total.

Terminator: Genesys reached 2 billion yen, The Avengers: Age of Ultron 2.5 billion yen  and Mad Max: Fury Road 1.5 billion yen, respectively.

(via Eiga ranking)