Don’t Think. Feel!! Ikuta Toma is back as Undercover Reiji in “The Mole Song” sequel

In the sequel to the successful “Mogura no Uta Sennuu Sosakan Reji” (The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji), Reiji (Ikuta Toma) takes on a new mission to takedown the Chinese mafia. “Mogura no Uta: Hong Kong Kyosokyoku” (Hong Kong Capriccio) also features new cast: Eita, Honda Tsubasa, Nanao, and Furuta Arata. Takashi Miike returns as the director for the sequel.

Kanjani8, responsible for the theme song of the first movie, will also be providing the song for the sequel. Titled “Noroshi”, it will be released on December 7.

Check out Reiji and his undercover escapades in the full trailer below. Movie opens December 23.

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New cast:

  • Eita as Kabuto Shinya, an elite police officer chasing Reiji
  • Honda Tsubasa as Karen, the daughter of the Sukiyakai leader Shuho Todoroki
  • Nanao as Fu Fong, an assassin of the Chinese mafia
  • Furuta Arata as Momoji Sakuraba, an out of control former Yakuza

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