Check out the trailer for Kimura Takuya’s “HERO” movie

The trailer for Kimura Takuya’s HERO movie has been released. The movie will open on July 18 and will be directed again by Matsuyuki Suzuki. The movie includes Kitagawa Keiko, the new heroine in the second season of HERO and Koichi Sato, in a role that will be in confilct with Kuryu Kohei. Returning to the cast is Takako Matsu, the primary heroine in the first season.

In the new movie, Public Prosecutor Kuryuu Kohei (Kimura Takuya) investigates an incident involving an embassy of a certain country, which holds the key for resolve. However, the right to criminal investigation involving an embassy or a diplomat is challenged with the “the barrier of the extraterritorial rights.”

HERO became a hit in 2001, recording an average audience rating 34.3%. This was followed by an SP in 2006 and a movie in 2007. The second season aired July 2014, 13 years after the first season and recorded an average audience rating 21.3%.