Check out Snow Man x Raul starring “Honey Lemon Soda” special MV

On June 29, (also Snow Man Raul’s 18th birthday), a special collaboration MV featuring “Honey Lemon Soda” movie trailer and its theme song “HELLO HELLO” is released!

Based on Murata Mayu’s manga, Raul stars in the movie as Miura Kai, a guy with lemon colored hair while Yoshikawa Ai plays the heroine Ishimori Uka. “HELLO HELLO” is sung by Snow Man and is the group’s first pop love song since debut. The single will be released on July 14.

The promotions for the movie is going all out now as it prepares to open nationwide on July 9. For the promo, a Raul-cover-festival has been ongoing as he graced the covers of every other magazine there is! Check out snippets of the covers, the special MV and trailer released below.