Yamada Ryosuke to Star in 24 Hr TV Drama Special

Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke will be starring in NTV’s annual 24-hour television drama special titled “Okaasan, Ore wa Daijoubu” (Mom, I’m Okay) to be broadcasted on August 22, 9pm.

Based on a true story, Yamada will play the role of Sasaki Ryohei, a high school student and soccer club’s vice captain who was diagnosed with acute encephalopathy. It starts from his second year of high school and it shows his struggle as he goes from paying soccer, to surgery, and then death. This will be the third time for Yamada to appear in a 24 hr TV drama special but this is his first time in a lead role. Yamada “While considering why I was chosen for this role, I would like to act with all my respect. Through the drama, I would like people to feel the importance of family love and friendship.”

Joining him are Akai Hidekazu as the father, Yasuda Narumi as the mother, NEWS Masuda Takahisa as the older brother and Shimoda Shota as the younger brother.

(via Jnews1NTV)