Upcoming Winter Jdramas 2019

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu
(I Give My First Love to You)
Air Date: 11:15 pm, Saturdays, 19 January 2019
Cast: Nomura Shuhei, Sakurai Hinako, Miyazawa Hio, Sato Kanta, Baba Fumika, Matsui Airi, Yahagi Honoka, Kizu Takumi, Tomita Kentaro, Fukumoto Riko, Korenaga Hitomi, Matobu Sei, Kojima Kazuya, Ishida Hikari, Namase Katsuhisa

Kakinouchi Takuma (Nomura Shuhei), a high school student, suffers from a heart ailment and has been in and out of hospital. He and childhood friend Taneda Mayu (Sakurai Hinako) promised that they would marry each other when they were kids. However, Takuma later learns that he will not be able to live to be 20, and decides to distance himself from Mayu so that he will not cause her grief. and Shunpei to buy their marriage license for 60 million yen from her, and decides to rebuild the restaurant as its proprietress…

Perfect Crime
Air Date: 2:30am pm, Sundays, 20 January 2019
Cast: Triendl Reina, Sakurada Dori, Ochiai Motoki, Nagao Mariya, Ito Yumi, Kita Yoko, Mashima Hidekazu

Maeshima Kaori (Triendl Reina), an interior designer, is respected in her company but has been carrying on a secret affair with her boss Fuyuki (Mashima Hidekazu) for years. However, it is a doomed romance. Fuyuki is a married man and there is no hope for a future with him, but Kaori is content to let it be and hides her pain. One day, Shinonome Haruto (Sakurada Dori) appears in front of Kaori. He is a young designer who was just transferred from the New York branch office. Kaori’s indiscreet interlude with Fuyuki was witnessed by Haruto at the office. Meanwhile, Kaori and Haruto end up working together as partners at work. Her destiny begins to change as a result of her meeting Haruto and she unknowingly falls into a trap.

Keiji Zero
(Detective Zero)
Air Date: 8 pm, Thursdays, 10 January 2019
Cast: Sawamura Ikki, Takimoto Miori, Terajima Susumu, Yokoyama Daisuke, Nekoze Tsubaki, Watanabe Ikkei, Zaizen Naomi, Takeda Tetsuya

Detective Tokiya Rekihiko (Sawamura Ikki) is an excellent detective in Kyoto. While chasing a suspect, he falls into a water storage pool at an abandoned factory. He wakes up in a hospital room, stunned that he cannot remember anything from the last 20 years. Although he is 51 years old, he cannot recall anything past the age of 31 when he first started working as a detective. He is a divorcee, but he does not remember his ex-wife. His personality also changes, once confident but now meek and timid. His sense of justice is still strong. Rekihiko Tokiya resumes work as a detective, but he deals with cases differently than in the past.

Haken Uranaishi Ataru
Air Date: 9 pm, Thursdays, 17 January 2019
Cast: Sugisaki Hana, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Shida Mirai, Mamiya Shotaro, Shison Jun, Nonami Maho, Itaya Yuka, Wakamura Mayumi, Oikawa Mitsuhiro

21-year-old Matoba Ataru (Sugisaki Hana) begins work for an event company as a dispatched worker. This is her first real job. She goes to work wearing a knit hat, sunglasses and a long coat. She is happy to have the various work experiences and she works pleasantly. Ataru also has a special ability. When she makes eye contact with someone, she can see that person’s troubles or indelible memory. With her special ability, Ataru Matoba solves troubles of people she works with.

Watashi no Ojisan ~ Wataoji
(My uncle WATAOJI)
Air Date: 11:15 pm, Fridays, 11 January 2019
Cast: Okada Yui, Endo Kenichi, Shirota Yu, Kote Shinya, Tozuka Junki, Tamada Shiori, Aoki Sayaka, Tanabe Seiichi
Synopsis: Ichinose Hikari (Okada Yui) has broken up with her boyfriend recently. She manages to find a job as a rookie assistant director at a variety show production company. One day, on the verge of quitting after being faced with difficulty, she meets a mysterious man calling himself “Ojisan” who insists that he is actually a fairy. Strangely, only Hikari is able to see him.

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