Trailers & Visuals released for Johnny’s WEST Netflix live action “Blazing Transfer Students”

The official Youtube and Twitter accounts of Netflix Japan have uploaded the trailers and visuals for new drama “Honoo no Tenkousei REBORN” (Blazing Transfer Student REBORN). The Netflix original drama will star Johnny’s WEST, the first Johnnys group to star in an Internet based drama. Kawashima Umika will play the heroine. Johnny’s WEST will also be providing the theme song “Kangaeru na, moero!!” (release TBA).

From October 6- 19, a total of 17 posters of “Honoo no Tenkousei REBORN” will be displayed around Shibuya, Tokyo. The 8-episode drama will start streaming worldwide on November 10. Toshio Lee (Detroit Metal City, God is in Bali) will be directing.

Seven transfer students appear at the mysterious elite school “Tanebi Gakuen”, established by Takizawa Noboru who was once called the “Blazing Transfer Student”. Coincidentally, the seven students are named “Kakeru”. They sneak into a problematic school as a transfer student and has the secret mission of improving the school from the inside.