Lead cast for upcoming Fuji TV drama “Siren” revealed

It has been announced that Fuji TV will broadcast a drama adaptation of Sayaka Yamazaki’s suspense manga “Siren” this October.

Actress Fumino Kimura and actor Tori Matsuzaka will serve as the show’s female and male lead respectively.

The two have previously appeared together in morning drama “Ume-chan Sensei” and the movies “Piece of Cake” and “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu” but this is the first time they will play a pair of lovers.

In the original manga, the two protagonists are police officers and partners at work as well as in love. One day, they meet Kara Tachibana, a mysterious beauty whose disorder begins to derail their investigation.

The Tuesday 10 PM drama’s script is written by “Unfair” writer Shimako Sato.

Keita Motohashi who helped series like “DOCTOR” achieve high ratings will serve as one of the producers.

However, Fuji TV’s previous drama in the same time slot, “Shoten Girl” and “HEAT”, failed to achieve commercial success. Will “Siren” do better?

(via Netallica)