Hana Nochi Hare ~HanaDan~ Next Season Cast: Sugisaki Hana, Hirano Sho and Nakagawa Taishi

We finally have a confirmation to previous rumors of a Hana Yori Dango sequel! It’s not another remake of the popular drama but a live action adaptation of its sequel Hana Nochi Hare ~HanaDan~ Next Season (Boys Over Flowers Season 2). The drama will air at TBS in April, Tuesdays 10pm timeslot. Sugisaki Hana will take on her first lead role in a drama series as the protagonist Edogawa Oto. She will be joined by Hirano Sho (of the soon to debut Johnnys group King & Prince) and actor Nakagawa Taishi.

The setting of the drama takes place 10 years after the F4 graduated from Eitoku Academy. Edogawa Oto (Sugisaki Hana) is the daughter of a former company president. Her life completely changed after their family business went bankrupt. Her fiance is Hase Tenma (Nakagawa Taishi), the popular student council president of the rival school.

With declining enrollment due to a recession and the rise of a rival school, Eitoku Academy is now ruled by the Correct 5 whose leader is Kakuragi Haruto (Hirano Sho). The group seeks out, then runs out, any students whose families haven’t made appropriate donations to the school. When Haruto and Oto discover each other’s secrets — that Haruto buys self-help items to get stronger, and that Oto is poor and works at a convenience store – they promise to keep each other’s secrets.


(via OriconCrunchyroll)