Erika Sawajiri and Mayu Watanabe to Play Lovers in New Drama Special

On January 22 and 29, Fuji TV will air a 2-part special historical drama, “Ooku.” The special stars Erika Sawajiri as 2 different Edo-era concubines, a different one in each episode. This drama special is the the first time she’ll be acting in a historical drama. In the first part, “Saikyo no Onna”, Erika will play “Omiyo”, one of Tokugawa Ienari’s concubines that rose through the ranks to reach a high level. In the second part, “Higeki no Shimai”, she’ll play “Ume”, Tokugawa Ienari’s favorite concubine.

AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe will be making her historical drama debut in the first part of “Ooku.” She’ll play a servant named “Oshima.” Her cold personality catches the attention of Erika’s character, and a secret love affair ensues. “Saikyo no Onna” will feature kissing scenes between the women as well as scenes of them lying naked in bed.

Check out the “Ooku” trailer after the jump!

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