Avex Boybands INTERSECTION and  WARPs UP Make Their Debut on Chinese Survival Series “CHUANG 2021”

On February 17, season four of the Chinese version of “Produce 101”, “CHUANG 2021” debuted. This season, the show is looking to form a male idol group. Even though the show is Chinese, there are contestants from other countries, including Japan. Of particular interest are the contestants that Avex sent to the show.

Three of the four members of INTERSECTION (Kazuma, Caelan, & Mika) and two of the four members of WARPs UP (RIKIMARU & SANTA) are on “CHUANG 2021.” They made their first performances on the debut episode, which can be seen below!

After the jump, a support video for INTERSECTION can also be seen. The video features various Avex acts, including FAKY, Ai Otsuka, and Anna Tsuchiya, all speaking Mandarin!